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In recent weeks, the hype in the mushroom community as well as some cannabis enthusiasts’ groups have been all about the Daddy Long Legs strain of magic mushrooms. You may have heard friends or strangers online discussing its euphoric effects and unique properties. Is it deserving of all the hype? We’ll do a deep dive in this article and tell you everything to know about the Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms and let you be the judge.

What is the Daddy Long Legs Shroom?

Within the realm of psilocybin mushrooms, Daddy Long Legs shares many common traits with popular strains such as Golden Teacher, but have some defining characteristics on its own. Believe it or not, this strain gets its name after spiders, referring to their spindly and stalky legs. Though, if you’re purely a consumer and not into growing, you may never witness its ‘legs’, or roots.

This new variation of the magic mushroom was successfully cultivated only recently, and proudly homegrown in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Because they’re produced locally, right away they’re advantageous in terms of freshness and potency, given if you’re ordering from the right places (hint: there’s only 1 correct answer).


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What are the Effects of Daddy Long Legs?

This strain of magic mushroom is known to be very potent. Users describe experiencing deep body buzzing, desire to socialize, heightened feelings of love, and most importantly, strong visual stimulation. Both perfect for microdosing to improve focus and also for “tripping out”, Daddy Long Legs is quickly surging in popularity, thanks to its psychotropic effects.

How to Consume Daddy Long Legs

Like most dried mushrooms, Daddy Long Legs can be consumed in a variety of ways. If you wish to microdose to increase motivation and focus, similar to the effects of Adderall, consider mixing small amounts of the shroom with food, or even steep it with coffee or tea. For the more crafty crowd, you can even experience with grinding and stuffing them into capsules, similar to CBD and THC capsules. To achieve stronger effects for the more adventurous crowd, split the shroom up into small portions and
indulge them like marijuana edibles. The same principles apply – start with a low dose, only moving up if you feel nothing after 45 minutes to 1 hour. Be sure to portion carefully! The stakes are higher with shrooms; if you accidentally overdose, the psychotropic effects will definitely be stronger, possibly yielding to an unpleasant experience.

Where to buy Daddy Long Legs Shrooms

If you’re reading this from somewhere in Canada, great news – Bud Lab has got fresh stock for Daddy Long Legs dried mushroom, with 1g and 5g grab bag variations available (as of July 2021). If you’re reading this at a later date, we’ve likely got other strains in stock, each with their own unique effects. If you’re buying the strain elsewhere on the web, make sure you trust your vendor. Things like mislabeled shrooms, bunk products, or dodgy product information are all things that can potentially go wrong if working outside your circle of trust.

The Verdict on Daddy Long Legs

Having tried the shroom ourselves, the Daddy Long Legs magic mushroom is definitely worth the hype. Cart a couple and try them out with friends!


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