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If you ask any experienced psychonaut about the Huautla shroom, you’re almost guaranteed to learn a bit about why this magic mushroom is so iconic! Known for their popularity among celebrities, Huautla magic mushrooms’ rich history and unrivalled quality make them a “must-try” shrooms for both new and old psilocybin enthusiasts alike! Similar to most top-rated shrooms, Huautla magic shrooms are praised for their ability to induce deeply purposeful trips, guaranteed to leave spiritual explorers feeling triumphant.


About The Huautla Shroom

The Huautla magic mushroom belongs to the psilocybe cubensis strain of psychedelic shrooms and was named after its place of origin. This ancient p. cubensis strain hails from Huautla de Jímenez, a small village in the Oaxaca state of Mexico.

While the Huautla mushroom is well-recognized for its immersive spiritual properties, the Huautla is best-known for the pivotal role it played in Western society and its introduction to psilocybin experiences. Way back in 1955, legendary shaman, Maria Sabina, introduced the powers of the Huautla shroom to Gordon R. Wasson, a famous American author and ethnomycologist. While travelling around Mexico on a research trip, Wasson was invited by Sabina to partake in a traditional spiritual ritual and educated him on the effects and world of psilocybe mushrooms.


The Legendary Shaman, Maria Sabina

Without Wasson’s retelling of Sabina and her psilocybin expertise, the world would never know who to thank for the development of mainstream magic mushroom use. Sabina showed Wasson the ways of the shroom and is alleged to have agreed to let Wasson take her photo, so long as he kept her identity and portrait private. Naturally, when he arrived back in America he published his findings and shared the image of Sabina — not cool bro, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say we weren’t happy he broke his promise!


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The Huautla magic mushroom skyrocketed in popularity after having charmed the likes of celebrities such as John Lennon and Bob Dylan. However, Gordon R. Wasson is claimed to be the first westerner to experience magic mushrooms for ceremonial purposes.


What Do Huautla Magic Mushrooms Taste And Look Like?

Huautla shrooms have one of the most detailed aromas in the world! You can expect the mushroom to melt in your mouth before you’re met with a smooth creamy texture and enlightening psychedelic compounds! The Huautla magic mushroom is easily recognizable for its skinny and long stalk, paired with a conic-like cap. Huautla dried shrooms can be spotted by their brownish hue and a portion of white dots spread around it — an indication of how healthy and potent this psilocybe strain is.


What Do Huautla Magic Mushrooms Feel Like?

The Huautla shroom lives up to its “icon status” as a top-psilocybe mushroom! This magic mushroom is highly potent and known for inducing profound psychedelic journeys. Users can expect smooth euphoric highs and deepened introspection. Many modern-day psychonauts turn to Huautla dried shrooms for their ability to improve the lower of mooders and boost creativity — often sought out to alleviate anxiety and depression.


The Best Way To Consume Huautla Magic Mushrooms

If you’re looking for a true psilocybin experience, then the Huautla magic mushroom is for you. To truly help you awaken your mind, we recommend varying dosage amounts for different types of users:

  • For beginners, try ~1.5 grams.
  • For average users, 2 grams to upwards of 3.5 grams is typically recommended
  • And last but not least, dosages above ~3.5 grams are sure to satisfy the most. experience psychonauts!

It’s important to remember that everyone reacts differently and that these dosages are merely a general recommendation. Depending on your weight, size, and height, you might be in for a completely different trip than what you may expect at a given dose. Nonetheless, be sure to remain calm, have a trusted trip sitter with you and get ready for the universe to show you all of its wonders!

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