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The province of Quebec’s legalization plan has been heavily criticized by Canadian marijuana activists as being the most conservative and restrictive provincial plan in Canada. The Quebec government is willing to deviate from the federal marijuana legislation, possibly opening itself up to future lawsuits and further legal turmoil. Most of this criticism comes from the province’s decision to ban the home-growing of marijuana, and for its added restrictions on public smoking. Additionally, outside of marijuana buds (flowers), the province has been silent on the kind of products that dispensaries will carry, leaving many to speculate that the selection of marijuana products in the province may be limited.

What Will Legalization Look Like in Quebec?

Quebec residents over the age of 19 will be legally able to purchase marijuana once legalization laws come into effect this October. In accordance with federal law, Quebec residents will not be able to purchase more than 30 grams of marijuana at one time. Additionally, they must also have less than 150 grams in their home or residence.

The province will not allow private dispensaries, instead choosing to open its own brick and mortar dispensaries, which it will regulate through the provincially owned and run Société Québécois du Cannabis (SQDC). Quebec is planning on opening 20 local dispensaries this year, with more on the way in 2019. The stores plan to sell mostly bud, and Quebec residents could find that their selection of other cannabis products such as concentrates or edibles will be seriously lacking, if not altogether non-existent.

Similarly to other provinces, weed cannot be publicly smoked or vaped anywhere outside of places where smoking tobacco is allowed. Additionally, marijuana cannot be smoked or vaped on university or college campuses. Marijuana use will also be banned in workplaces, raising concerns about how medicinal patients will be able to treat their conditions throughout the day.

Quebec will not allow the home cultivation of marijuana. However, marijuana activists in the province expect to challenge this regulation in court at some point in the future, with an eye towards allowing residents to grow 4 plants like in other provinces. The Quebec government has not publicly stated any reason for the rejection of home growing, citing only its right as a province to make its own laws.

As in other provinces, marijuana use will not be allowed in vehicles. The province has stated that there will be a zero tolerance approach to vehicular marijuana offences. Offenders will be subject to the province’s extensive DUI laws if they are found to be operating a vehicle while having marijuana in their system.

Why Quebec Residents Should Order Weed Online From Bud Lab

Bud Lab offers a wide selection of marijuana products designed to fit the needs of medicinal and recreational customers alike. When purchasing from us, Quebec residents will not have to worry about limits on quantity or selection.

Fast Shipping

All of our packages are shipped with Canada Express Shipping to ensure that they are delivered safely, quickly and accurately. After ordering, keep an eye out for a confirmation email that will include a tracking number. When ordering from us, our customers can rest assured that their weed will be delivered on time, right to their front door.

Discreet Shipping and Billing

Bud Lab is committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers. Our product is discreetly packaged so that nobody but you will know what is inside. Additionally, you will not have to worry about your marijuana purchase showing up on your credit card bill, since our billing is just as discreet and private as our shipping.

Highest Quality Products

Bud Lab offers high quality, lab tested weed. We strive to ensure that all of our stock is high quality, and that all of our customers will be pleased with their purchase. Don’t waste your time buying whatever mediocre product your local dispensary currently carries, when you can order from us.

Superior Customer Service

The Bud Lab team is always ready to assist you with any problems or concerns that you may have throughout the ordering process. Our customer service representatives are committed to making your experience at Bud Lab as convenient and stress free as possible.

Superior Selection

Bud Lab offers a better selection of marijuana products than you will find at your local dispensary. We understand that Canadians want options when it comes to the marijuana products they consume, and, as such, we have made sure to stock our shop with a variety of different marijuana products. Apart from our selection of high quality Indica, Sativa and Hybrid buds, we also carry products such as:

  • Vapes and vape oils
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • CBD

Bud Lab is one of Canada’s foremost online dispensaries. We’re developing into a go-to destination for marijuana enthusiasts, as well as beginners who are just learning about the benefits cannabis has. We offer incredible product and strain variety. To check out what we have in-store, simply visit us online at budlab.co! We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Quebec is politically stupid as always. Corruption is the order of the day. I stayed with you. I am well served and the product is good.

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