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Residents of Nova Scotia may have a hard time buying high quality marijuana once legalization goes into effect in October of 2018. The provincial model has been criticized for its limited ability to reach Nova Scotians in remote parts of the province. As such, Nova Scotians may find that buying their weed online through retailers like Bud Lab will still be their best option after legalization.

What Will Marijuana Legalization Look Like in Nova Scotia?

In Nova Scotia, marijuana sales will be controlled by a crown corporation, instead of through privately owned stores. The province also plans to offer online sales, however, the cost of its product, and the size of its selection will be extremely limited when compared to other online dispensaries like Bud Lab. Residents will be allowed to grow up to 4 plants but must be aware of local regulations that may prohibit them from growing in buildings such as apartments or condominiums.

Anyone over the age of 19 will be able to buy weed in Nova Scotia. Similarly to other provinces, it will be illegal to consume weed in vehicles. Additionally, marijuana products must be stored outside of the reach of any vehicle occupants. Failure to comply with the province’s vehicle regulations will result in a fine of up to $2000.

The province has also set rules around where people are allowed to consume weed publicly. Marijuana can only be smoked in areas where tobacco smoke is also allowed. In addition, smoking and vaping is prohibited near playgrounds, public trails, beaches, provincial parks (except rented campsites), and publicly owned sport and recreation sites.

Nova Scotia’s distribution model has recently been criticized for being extraordinarily limited in its ability to satisfy province-wide demand for marijuana. The province plans to open just 12 storefront dispensaries. This includes two stores in Halifax, and one in each of Amherst, Dartmouth, Lower Sackville, New Glasgow, Sydney River, Truro, Bridgewater, New Minas, Antigonish, and Yarmouth. This means that residents living outside of these areas will have to waste time commuting to dispensaries. For residents living in more remote parts of the province, this could mean hours of driving.

Why Nova Scotians Should Buy Their Weed Online From Bud Lab

Nova Scotians can avoid the headache of buying weed from local dispensaries by ordering online through Bud Lab. Don’t waste your time travelling to in-province dispensaries when you can simply have marijuana shipped to your front door.

Ordering Weed Online is Easy and Convenient

By ordering your weed online you can save yourself the trouble of traveling to a dispensary. For Nova Scotians living in remote parts of the province this not only means saving multiple hours of travel time, but also a significant amount of gas money! When your order weed online from Bud Lab, you never even have to leave the comfort of your home.

Fast Shipping

Bud Lab ships nationwide with Canada Express Shipping. You can rest assured that when you order from us, your product will arrive in a safe and timely manner. We provide tracking numbers for each shipment, allowing our customers to know exactly when their product can be expected.

Discreet Shipping and Billing

We believe that everyone has a right to privacy, and as such, we take care to protect the privacy and anonymity of our customers. When you order from Bud Lab, you can rest assured that your package is discreetly labeled so that nobody but us knows what is inside. We extend the same privilege to our billing process, allowing our customers to maintain complete and total privacy.

Highest Quality Products

Bud Lab is committed to providing our customers with only high quality marijuana products. Don’t run the risk of being disappointed by whatever mediocre product your local dispensary currently has in stock. We make sure to only stock high quality goods, so you will never have to worry about receiving low-grade marijuana.

Superior Customer Service

The Bud Lab team is here to help you every step of the way. We are glad to answer any questions or concerns that our customers may have throughout the ordering process. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and to keep our customers coming back for more of our amazing product!

Superior Selection

The Bud Lab shop carries more than just weed. We also offer a range of medicinal and recreational marijuana products designed to satisfy the needs of our customers, whatever they may be. If you are looking for more than just buds, take a look at our store where you can also find products such as:

  • Vapes and vape oils
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • CBD

Bud Lab is one of Canada’s foremost online dispensaries. We’re developing into a go-to destination for marijuana enthusiasts, as well as beginners who are just learning about the benefits cannabis has. We offer incredible product and strain variety. To check out what we have in-store, simply visit us online at budlab.co! We look forward to hearing from you!

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