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With all the hype surrounding the magic mushroom industry in Canada right now, many independent blog sources and enthusiasts alike are calling it the “next Cannabis craze” in future years. Within all the buzz taking place, several strains such as the Penis Envy shroom strain and Cambodian Cubensis are amongst some of the most popular psilocybin mushrooms available to Canadians now, known for their unique effects to the user’s visual and physical senses.

However, we often advise users from jumping straight into those strains, as their effects can be highly upsetting if you’re new to tripping or taking psychedelic substances in general. A lot of new mushroom shoppers we see are previous cannabis users. While some of the effects and head-highs are similar, the strength from some of these shrooms can be totally unexpected and ruin a user’s experience if not careful.

Enter the Metz Magic Mushroom Strain

It’s no secret – we often recommend users start with the B+ magic mushroom strain when they’re first trying out the hobby. This strain of shrooms is a lot more mellow than the aforementioned varieties, and is a good entry point into the hobby.


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For the slightly more adventurous crowd, this is where the Metz Magic Mushroom Strain comes into play. While it won’t feel like a cotton candy fueled train ride through Disneyland, the shroom is known to provide comforting trips with elevated levels of creativity and introspection for its users. The majority of its effect takes place in the mind, but not in a sense where it completely trips you out. Skipping the B+ and going directly to Metz has many benefits, including saving on time, costs, and not having to incrementally manage expectations.

The Effects of the Metz Psilocybin Mushroom Strain

The Metz strain of dried magic mushrooms are well acclaimed for their ability to stimulate creativity and critical thinking in their users, while having minimal effects on the user’s motor abilities. The strain is gentle on the body, granting a high that feels slightly similar to edibles, without limiting movement. This combination often allows users to fully enjoy their spiritual journey without writing off a good chunk of their day, as they will still be able to perform basic-level chores around the house while lost in deep thought.

With the Metz strain of shrooms, users have also reported to be more social, able to easily participate in conversations involving challenging philosophies, and having heightened feelings towards people in general. Once users close their eyelids, strong visual hallucinations take over, presenting users an array of wild graphics that encourages self exploration.

Why You Should Try the Metz Magic Mushroom

If you are a newcomer to the hobby of magic mushrooms and don’t want to ease into the kiddie pool before stepping up to Albino Avery’s, the Metz Magic Mushroom strain is a perfect place for you to start. Consider it the neutral medium for you to decide whether you prefer a stronger option, or mellower ones below.

At Bud Lab, we have the entire spectrum of magic mushrooms available, helping enthusiasts find their perfect strain from British Columbia to Ontario and everything in between. Read up on our other blogs to continue exploring the world of magic mushrooms!

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