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Marijuana activists have recently raised concerns over the quality of weed that will be available in Canadian dispensaries when legalization comes into effect in October of 2018. Many fear that large-scale marijuana producers are sacrificing quality for quantity, and flooding the market with mediocre weed.

Concerns have been raised over the transportation and storage of mass-produced marijuana, with some activists fearing that the quality of weed buds will suffer due to long storage times, an estimated oversupply, and long shipping times. Additionally, recent lab testing has shown that dispensary weed can oftentimes be contaminated with bacteria that may be unsafe to consume. As such, Canadians would be wise to avoid buying weed from large scale producers, and instead buy their weed from independent producers such as Bud Lab.

Large Scale Producers Are Over-Producing Marijuana

When Canadians purchase buds from local dispensaries, they have no way of knowing how fresh their product really is. Production estimates for just 10 of the biggest marijuana growers in Canada indicate that by 2020, they will be producing 1.8 million kilograms of marijuana each year. However, the Canadian Parliamentary Budget Office estimates that by that same year Canadians will only buy around 734,000 kilograms of weed.

These numbers indicate that there will be a significant oversupply, resulting in marijuana products being held in storage for long periods of time until they can be sold. Over time, marijuana begins to dry out and produces harsher and rougher smoke than if it were consumed fresh. Moreover, unless they are stored in ideal conditions, weed buds are susceptible to bacteria and mold that can develop over time. As such, Canadians should be careful to purchase their product from reputable sources like Bud Lab that prioritize quality, and do not leave their product to waste away in storage.

Large Scale Growers Care About Profits, Not Quality

The facilities and employees that licensed producers utilize have also come under scrutiny. Large scale growers have invested in enormous facilities that maximize the amount of marijuana being produced. As such, employees have less time to pay attention to each individual plant, and plants are at higher risk of being contaminated by things like bacteria, fungus and insects.

Moreover, because legalization is still in its early stages, there is a lack of experienced growers working in these facilities. Post-secondary education programs that focus on growing and testing marijuana are beginning to appear across Canada and the United States, but it will take some time before there are enough graduates to adequately supply the industry. The employees hired to work grow facilities are often inexperienced and undereducated when it comes to growing marijuana. So, how could we possibly expect them to grow good weed?

Dispensary Weed May Not be as Clean as You Think

A Globe and Mail investigation that took place in June 2018 bought and tested hundreds of grams of marijuana from local dispensaries in Toronto. Buds from 9 dispensaries were tested in a federally licensed laboratory for things such as fungus, bacteria, and mold, using federal government guidelines for testing marijuana. The investigation found that a third of the weed buds purchased from dispensaries would not have passed the government’s standards for marijuana.

These test results confirm the fact that plants coming from licensed grow operations are susceptible to contaminants like bacteria and fungus. Additionally, they raise questions about the quality testing being performed by licensed producers. The investigation concluded that these producers are using debatable testing methods that may be intentionally ignoring common contaminants such as bacteria and pesticides.

Why You Should Buy Your Weed Online From Bud Lab

By comparison, Bud Lab’s marijuana products come from trusted small-scale growers that pay special care and attention to the product they are growing. Moreover, our stock is not stored for long periods of time, and will not degrade or deteriorate before it gets in your hands. Our shipping methods are quick and discreet, and usually reach their destination within days. Additionally, our product is carefully lab-tested for impurities and inconsistencies. Check out our shop for a wide variety of marijuana buds and other cannabis products!

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