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Broken Up Premium Bubba Shake Mix

Imagine this: you and your group of friends are kicking it on a late Saturday afternoon, looking for something to pass time by while your Skip the Dishes order gets ready. You’ve played a few rounds of card games, tried out a few board games that were slightly too difficult and not particularly engaging, and now somewhere someone asks if you’ve got some weed.

You remember that you’ve just ordered a few 1/8ths of quad strains from your favourite dispensary. You don’t really want them shared and passed around though, as you intended to try them out for different flavours. Perhaps, just maybe… Have I got some shake and trim left in my room somewhere?

This is where the Bubba Kush shake and trim bags come in. You remember seeing it pop up as a suggested item during your last checkout, but you didn’t feel like ordering because you “don’t smoke crap”. But now, you’re regretting it. Without making it sound all too sales pitchy, here are a few reasons why you should go +1 on a bag of Bud Lab shake and trims the next time you head to the Checkout.

Good Quality Shake and Bad Quality Shake

Sometimes quantity is better than quality. Sometimes the other way around. While we won’t go as far as to claim that these shake and trim bags are both, we can confidently say that they are a good balance between the two.

When people think of shake, they usually associate it with the low-quality scraps at the bottom of each weed stash. You know, the stuff that you’d throw to a friend without hesitation. However, if you ask anyone who’s tried our versions of shake and trim, they’d tell you that there’s nothing low-quality about them.

Unlike other suppliers who may stuff their shakes full of seeds and stems, Bud Lab shakes are collected in a completely different way.

How Bud Lab Shake & Trim Bags are Made

When a batch of marijuana flowers is harvested and processed, some of the particles may fall off in the transportation and development process. Instead of putting those bits and pieces back into our AAA or AAAA stash, we collect them into a bunch and call these our “shake”. So really, when you purchase our shake, you’re really just getting the smaller bits of our highest-grade buds. There’s nothing “low quality” about that!

What Makes “Bubba Kush” a Special Strain?

Bud Lab’s Bubba Kush is cultivated organically from the best manufacturers nationwide. Being an indica weed strain it is the perfect choice to relax to either with friends or on your own. While as an indica, it isn’t too overpowering to the point of limiting one’s social skills, making it a perfect candidate for being the most well-rounded choice.

Bud Lab Shake and Trim are for the Friends

At just $69.99 CAD a bag, there’s plenty bang per buck of kush to pass around with friends. For many value shoppers, shake and trim bags have proven to be the most financially sound decision when smoking becomes more of an activity than an occasional ritual. Next time during checkout, consider picking up a bag alongside your order!

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