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Contrary to what the average cannabis consumer may think, the crystallization of CBD concentrates actually represents a dense purity and high quality of the extract.

The team here at Bud Lab has often received emails and complaints from users who have found the concentrate in their CBD vape pens to be crystallized. We have decided to compile all these frequently asked questions into an article so our valued customers can discover all the unique properties of CBD concentrate.

If you clicked into this article, you may be wondering: why is my CBD oil cartridge forming crystals and stabilizing? Is it safe to use a cartridge with crystallized CBD? What should I do when my CBD oil crystalizes?

The popular belief says anything that is supposed to be in liquid form is deemed defective once it crystallizes. In severe cases of complaints, we have even read on a few review sites claiming that these crystallized carts are contaminated or subpar in quality.

That could not be further from the truth!

Three important facts to know about CBD oil:

  1. Crystallized CBD oil vape cartridges is not a sign of a defective product.
  2. Crystallization of CBD oil will not harm you, your vape pen, or anything in any way.
  3. The crystallization itself is actually a sign of high quality, pure CBD oil.

Why Do CBD Oil Crystallize?

Unlike other fluids we commonly work with in everyday life, the purest quality CBD will start to granulate out of the concentrate. To explain the process, complex science must be employed, but the just of it involves the chemical and innate properties of CBD. In fact, the higher the concentration of the CBD in the vape cart, the easier it is for the oil to begin forming crystals or hardening.

One thing that is similar to CBD concentrate and can be used as an analogy are high grade honey. If you have had the pleasure to experience high grade, natural honey, you’ll understand that those tend to crystallize as well.

Many CBD extractors and specialists have agreed that the more crystals in the vape cart concentrate, the better it is when it comes to CBD as it indicates its high quality. Fun fact: the highest-grade CBD, also known as “terp sauce”, is sold for approximately $100 /gram.

How Do CBD Oil Crystallize

For the CBD oil to crystallize from the form of concentrate, two things need to be present:

  1. Temperature – Cannabidiol have a melting point of around 160 Fahrenheit. If the potency of the compound is too high, the CBD might actually crystallize at temperatures above this, bringing us to the next factor.
  2. Concentration – Of course, down to the CBD itself. If the CBD is very high in concentration and potency, it will crystallize on its own.

What to Do with a Crystallized CBD Cartridge

CBD, whether crystallized or liquid, are both the same property and will have the same effect to you upon consumption. However, admittedly a crystallized CBD cartridge is hard to work with when you’re trying to get it out of a vape pen. What is the best approach of accommodating this?

You have a few options:

  • Put your vape cart in a ziplock bag or any other waterproof bag. Ensure to squeeze out as much air as possible. Run the ziplock bag under hot water for about five minutes to dissolve CBD crystals and turn them into fluid again.
  • Alternatively, you can place the vape cart in an oven preset at 200 Fahrenheit for between five and ten minutes. Ensure that the cart is positioned upright to prevent leakages through the mouthpiece.

Remember to not use the vape pen right away after any of the above 2 processes as the mouthpiece might still be very hot. We hope this clears up the myths about crystallized CBD. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer specialists – we’re always happy to help!


  1. Hi there,
    I’m interested in trying your CBD capsule of 50mg which is back in stock. What’s your guarantee if it doesn’t work for me?

    • Hi there and thanks for reaching out.

      As CBD products have a different reaction to each individual, we do not accept used product due to having a less desired effect than anticipated.

      If the product malfunctions though, then we would look closer into why, and support you on fixing the issue.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi there, My name is Tina , and due to a work injury in 2008 I suffer tremendously from chronic pain and fibromyalgia. I am on a lot of different kinds of medications and go through a lot of surgeries every year, but nothing seems to help. I smoke weed as well because I can not afford the high potency of cbd edibles or oils. What can you recommend? Sincerely, Tina

    • Hi Tina,

      We can definitely help you out with this.

      Check your inbox, we just sent you an email 🙂


      BL Team

  3. This was very helpful. I am using a 20:1 cartridge for the first time and was not sure what to think as it started to crystalize. I was concerned the medicine was affected. This article was reassuring.

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