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My Edibles Melted During Delivery – Are They Safe To Eat?


THC gummies, goodies, and edible treats are often the go-to for cannabis lovers — and what’s not to love! The highs usually last longer, you never have to worry about any scents, and they’re always delicious… well, almost always.

While edibles usually make for the perfect snack after a long day, as summer rolls around and temperatures begin to increase, cannabis enthusiasts quickly run into a bowl-full of troubles — Melted Edibles! Struggling to salvage whatever monstrosity of a melted cannabis-infused mess is one thing, but the real question still stands: are your melted edibles still safe to eat?

Can You Eat Your Edibles After They’ve Melted?

Yes! Whether the edibles you ordered have melted during delivery or if you’ve accidentally left your THC gummies somewhere a little too hot, you should have nothing to worry about. This is the case for CBD and THC gummies, hard candies, and often chocolates, even if they’ve melted and recongealed multiple times.

However, if you find an old bag of melted edibles that have sitting in a warm area of your room for several weeks, it wouldn’t be the best idea for you to eat them – for reasons other than their THC content ?

But Are You SURE I Can Eat My Edibles After They’ve Melted?

YES! It’s actually very normal for edible treats to melt during delivery, despite the puddle of liquified cannabis-infused gelatin that might show up at your doorstep. In fact, if you are purchasing your edibles and cannabis treats from a reputable and trusted online dispensary, such as Bud Lab, this is actually a good sign and indicative of the product’s high quality!

Will The Quality Be Affected?

If your order of gummies is being delivered in warmer temperatures, you might actually want to hope they melt… allow us to explain.

If your edibles have melted during delivery, this is most likely because the gummies, for example, are pure in THC and gelatin (the gummy stuff). Lower quality edibles that are able to better hold their shape in warmer situations are likely filled with fillers, additives, and other junk. So if your edible do experience a bit of melt-age, you can be sure you’re about to indulge in nothing but that sweet, pure cannabis goodness.

Will The Strength of THC be Affected?

The overall strength of your melted gummies and hard candies should not be affected. In order for your melted edibles to lose their effectiveness, the CBD and/or THC content in your goodies would have to reach an extremely high temperature. For instance, if your bag of Baroness Edibles arrives as either a congealed blob or liquified pool of gummy, if you were to then put them into an oven and continue to heat them at temperatures over 300°F, you would begin to run into some problems.

What To Do If Your Edibles Are Delivered But Melted

If you do happen to receive your order edibles in a melted form, the best thing you can do is to transfer it to a non-stick bowl or baking sheet and mix it thoroughly, instead of waiting for your liquid gob to solidify. While this may seem counter-intuitive, mixing your melted edibles allows you to ensure the THC is as evenly distributed as possible — and not chunked up into one single bite!

During this process, you’ll also want to mix in a pinch of sugar. Not only will this add a touch of sweetness, but the sugar content will effectively absorb any unwanted moisture from your edibles, helping to keep them fresh.

How To Safely Eat Your Melted Edibles

Because the dosage of each edible is accurately calculated and specific to their original size and shape, to safely eat your edibles in a way where you’re not ingesting 4x the original dosage, here’s what you can do:

  • Divide the congealed edibles by cutting them into their original portion sizes to keep the THC content similar to how they were original.
  • Store the edibles in a cool place away from heat to preserve their texture and flavour.
  • Keep your edibles in an air-tight (or lockable) container to extend their shelf life. You’re probably not going to want to keep them in their original packaging if they’re covered in gooey residue!
  • Individually wrap chocolates and soft candies (such as caramel) to protect them from moisture and from fusing back together if they melt!

Before you indulge in your new (and improved) edibles, try to start with a smaller portion than usual. This is to make sure the portions you cut are correct and that the THC or CDC content has been evenly re-distributed! If you don’t feel anything after roughly 45 minutes, then you can try a bigger portion.

In conclusion…

If your edibles melt, congeal, and even melt again you should have nothing to worry about — in fact, now you’ll even know your edibles are high in quality! Just be sure to try and redivide the edibles into their original portion sizes and store them in proper conditions to avoid any more accidents! 

Whether you’re new to the cannabis community or a seasoned veteran, be sure to check out our other articles for more cannabis tips and the latest in cannabis news!



  1. In this summer heat, I think most of us are bound to experience melty-edibles eventually. Word of caution— if you leave gummies in the car during the summer, they WILL melt. I recently had to re-cut a melted pack of gummies. I was sad at first, but after taking the first bite, I didn’t notice much of a difference. The trick is to re-cut them in even portions.

  2. I had my indica gummies melt. I figured no prob. One day, after doing yard work, I decided to take about 1/ or 1/8 of a 100mh gummy that was all melted out if shape. I can only assume that all the things separated and got concentrated in the little area I ate…..because I was down and OUT for 8 hours. No way 30 MG did that to me I wouldn’t think. Is it possible for the the to separate and settle/concentrate in one area?

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