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Chocolate and Crackers Infused with Marijuana

Cannabis edibles continue to remain one of the most popular THC consumption methods available today. Although there are plenty of potent cannabis strains to smoke or vape, marijuana edibles give you powerful effects and a high that can last your entire day. The effects of edibles are similar to what you’d experience from other methods of consumption, only much stronger. With that in mind, you have a choice between either munching Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid edibles.

Similar to other marijuana products, you can find edibles in an array of forms depending on your personal preference. If you aspire to craft edibles yourself, you can also determine the kind of high you’ll get based off of the type of weed. There are many unique edibles that exist within the world of cannabis for you to explore. In this week’s blog, you can read up about the difference between Sativa and Indica Edibles and which type may be most suitable for you.

Sativa Edibles

Sativa strains are often considered to be the more mentally stimulating of the two. As such, if you’re looking to feel incredibly happy with heightened senses and increased focus, look no further than Sativa Edibles.

Sativa Edibles are often best for times when you want to remain relatively focused instead of feeling too lazy and couch-locked to accomplish anything. They’ll still get you high, but they often won’t be as physically overwhelming. Even though Sativa Edibles can help with a range of medical issues, they’re most recommended for mental ailments. As an example, they can help with stress, depression, and anxiety, by putting you in a happy and motivated state of mind.

Indica Edibles

While Sativa strains are known as being more stimulating and energetic, Indica Edibles will get you extremely high. Indica strains are known for their deeply relaxing qualities, heavy body stone effects. and couch-locking abilities.

Indica is ideal for times when you simply want to kick back and mend into your surroundings. You’ll feel relaxing tingles flow throughout your body when you indulge upon these delicacies. They can relieve you of deep stress and physical tension and clear your mind of any worries.

Indica Edibles are especially helpful when it comes to physical and medicinal properties. They’ll help relieve pain and inflammation along with alleviating all forms of tension. They also aid in relieving chronic stress and headaches and migraines. Due to their sedative effects, they’re also perfect for consumers looking to tackle insomnia and other sleep problems.

What’s The Difference Between The Two?

The distinction between Sativa and Indica edibles isn’t as easy to tell apart as it may be with flower. However, you can still find many edible products labelled as either Indica or Sativa based on the strain it’s made with. Edibles are crafted by binding the THC in weed with butter, oil or other fats and infusing the product to create all kinds of tasty treats. Put more simply, Indica strains can be used to make Indica Edibles and Sativa strains can be used to make Sativa Edibles.

These THC-packed products will give you the same kind of effects as the strains they’re made with. Meaning that, if you use Indica-infused edibles, you’ll likely feel incredibly relaxed and sedated. On the other hand, Sativa Edibles will most likely give you a more uplifting and cerebrally stimulating high. Indica Edibles are also better for tackling physical conditions whereas Sativa Edibles can help with mental issues. Both types of edibles have a range of practical and medical uses and the type you should use depends on what you’re looking for.

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