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Interested in cannabis concentrates? Seeking one that is perfect for beginners, as well as advanced smokers? Budder is what you’re looking for! Make sure you don’t confuse Budder for Butter, this isn’t for cooking, this is for dabbing!

Invented in Vancouver, Budder is sometimes overlooked in the vast market of concentrates because it is slightly less potent than other concentrates. However, once you try it, you’ll fall in-love!

Produced through butane extraction, which means that butane is added to the plant, Budder is essentially the resin that is produced from this. Comparable to a soft wax, Budder is a much more forgiving substance than Shatter.

Budder is best described as a great middle man between sauce and shatter. In fact, this form is made by whipping the original sap or shatter that you’re working with. Shatter eventually breaks down into Budder with time and a little bit of heat.

Why Budder?

Budder often costs less than other concentrates, and still offers a very potent high. It can sometimes have as much as 90% THC if produced properly! It starts to go bad quickly, but it tastes amazing while it is in its prime. It’s key you store it in a refrigerator to make it last.

The only area you’ll see a slight drop-off from Shatter to Budder is in how it burns. Shatter burns cleaner; however most smokers don’t even notice. On the other hand, Budder has a much more potent and appealing scent than Shatter.

Budder is very flavourful as well, something you don’t often find with concentrates. Plus, Budder is very consistent and does flake as much as Shatter, meaning you’ll generally get more value for your dollar.

Sometimes described as a psychedelic concentrate, Budder offers a smooth and powerful high. Like most other cannabis concentrates, the feeling is most often described as a head-high. This is attributed to its high THC content.

Budder’s Competition


This is often regarded as the purest type of marijuana extract, if produced properly. Shatter is produced in a very similar way to Budder. They use butane or C02 to extract the resin, and THC content is usually around the same percentage as Budder as well. It’s important to be aware that Shatter often causes a very heavy high that can contribute to headaches afterwards.

Hash Oil

Hash oil is often much less potent than Budder. In fact, the potency of hash oil can vary wildly from batch to batch because often producers mix it with other oils. It’s a much less stable than many other concentrates, thus making it less popular because of the variance of experience you can have with it.


This phase most often happens after the person has stopped using cannabis (this is really the only cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome “treatment” option). Within a few days, the patient is typically in a recovery mode that can last weeks or sometimes months. Once recovery has commenced, nausea ceases, appetite resumes, body weight is regained, and bathing/showering regimen returns to normal.

Why Does Cannabis Cause This?

Quite likely the easiest concentrate to produce, Rosin burns cleanly but doesn’t have the same THC concentration as other variants. This type of concentrate burns incredibly cleanly. It offers a similar flavour profile as Budder, and also produces a potent, beautiful smell.

In Conclusion…

Budder is a great option for those looking for a concentrate with a creamy, buttery consistency, as well as a great high. It can be vaped, dabbed, smoked, or used in edibles. It’s incredibly versatile!

Be sure to activate the Budder before combining with your oil or butter. For beginners and those who want to cut down on preparation time, Budder is by far one of the easiest concentrates to scoop and serve consistently. For more information, or to try some Budder, check out Bud Lab!

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