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Hippie Friends Smoking Cannabis

Most of us know the joys of a solid drink, as well as how enjoyable smoking cannabis is. Have you ever wondered, is getting high and drunk at the same time fun? The common answer to this question is no, but it depends on the individual. If you’re familiar with cannabis then there’s a good chance you already know what a crossfaded high is, or as some people like to call it “getting crossed”.

What Is A “Crossfaded High”?

A crossfaded high is when the user is both drunk and high. This most commonly happens when a friend whips out a joint and you decide to join in the rotation after previously consuming alcohol. It seems scary at first glance, but some individuals can knock back a joint and a 6 pack like it’s routine. The order in which you consume both alcohol and marijuana doesn’t usually matter as it often produces the same outcome: a complete frenzy of craziness going down in your brain. With that said, the experience is different for everyone. In this blog, read up about how to avoid and sober up from a crossfaded high, whenever that might happen.

What Does A Crossfaded High Feel Like?

Have you ever felt so mangled that the only way to halt your head spinning is to lie lifeless on the floor? If you haven’t experienced this, good for you. You most likely wouldn’t know what being crossfaded feels like.

If you have been crossed before, you’ll likely remember the experience as a not-so-pleasant one. Given that, the outcome of getting crossed is unique to the situation and the ‘blend’ and won’t feel deadly every time. You won’t feel complete unpleasantness every time you get crossed.

Being drunk and stoned can make you feel many different ways. If it hits you perfectly, you could feel the ultimate euphoria: one of those silly moods where everything sounds like the best idea ever when really it might not be. Many cannabis consumers tend to crack open a beer with their joint in hand to make a perfect night. However, if that alcohol and THC hit your bloodstream the wrong way, you may wish you never mixed both. The most common feelings of being crossed include feeling dizzy, disoriented, nauseated and even paranoid, all while trying not to have a panic attack. The most common time people get crossfaded is when they’re feeling a great level of tipsy and after excitedly puffing a joint it hits. If you’ve ever been too crossfaded you’ll understand this, but to those who haven’t, you have to imagine that your inebriation has levelled up 3-5x, and not many are accustomed to this sudden change.

How can you attempt to sober up from being crossed?

Unfortunately, the only sure-remedy for being crossfaded is time. The feeling is not permanent and it will naturally pass over you with time. There are no scientifically-proven methods that can ease the crossfade dread, but there are many things you can do to help. While only time will truly rid you of being crossed, there are a few things that can make it less painful.

Consuming some water should be your first step as it will definitely aid your ‘drunk’ side – the constant spinning that is. H20 doesn’t exactly help with the THC in your body, but getting over the drunkenness is often a bigger priority. Sitting in a chilly room on a cold surface is also a big helping step. Feeling a breeze while you’re sauced out of your mind feels like heaven in that moment. Depending on the severity of your crossfade, try to get some shuteye and wake up feeling better. How much should you drink? As much as you can comfortably get in you, the more the better.

The best way to avoid getting an unpleasant crossfade high? Well, just don’t smoke and drink in the same sitting. Stick with one substance for the night and enjoy it to its fullest potential. With that said, not all crossfade high experiences are terrible. If you play your cards right and don’t allow yourself to go overboard, you can have a very enjoyable time. However, if you plan on going crazy at a party and consuming everything in sight, prepare for the worst.

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