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CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is making an impression on seniors. Recent surveys indicate that more seniors are trying it than ever before. However, there is still much that most people don’t know about it. Here are some things Canadian seniors should know about using CBD.

CBD Will Not Get You High

CBD is commonly billed as being ‘non-psychoactive’. This is not entirely true. While CBD is indeed psychoactive (as evidenced by its anti-anxiety and antipsychotic effects), it does not produce the mind-altering ‘high’ that is commonly associated with marijuana. You can rest assured that CBD will not produce euphoric or intoxicating effects.

CBD May Have A Range of Therapeutic Benefits

While research is still relatively scarce, numerous studies have indicated that CBD may have therapeutic potential.

A recent survey found that seniors used CBD to treat all kinds of conditions including inflammation, chronic pain, poor sleep, arthritis, anxiety, and stress. 78% of surveyed seniors who had tried CBD were satisfied with the results and 89% of them said they would recommend it for health-related reasons.

CBD Can Be Consumed In Various Ways

Certain cannabis strains are loaded with CBD. However, you don’t have to smoke or vaporize plant matter in order to benefit from cannabidiol. It can be purchased and consumed in a variety of different and convenient ways. From odorless capsules to sublingual tinctures, cannabidiol can be ingested quickly and effortlessly.

There Are Different Kinds of CBD

Seniors should also be aware that CBD can come in several different forms. Apart from regular cannabidiol, you may also notice products such as full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD contains a variety of cannabinoids alongside cannabidiol. These cannabinoids work together to produce more potent effects than those produced solely by isolated cannabidiol. Full spectrum solutions typically also contain cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and THC.

CBD isolate is cannabidiol that has been completely isolated at a molecular level. It is often touted as being 99% pure. Isolate comes in powder form and can be consumed in many different ways. It is odorless and flavorless, making it ideal for adding to beverages or foods. Many people prefer isolate because of its purer nature and because it is easy to carry and consume.

Should You Try CBD?

Whether you should try CBD is up to you and your doctor. While side effects are rare and minimal in nature, they can still occur. First-time CBD users are always encouraged to start with low doses and go slow. And if side effects do occur, take note and talk to your doctor.

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