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Times have been tough for everyone as of recently with the recent outbreak of Covid-19, especially for us bud lovers. At the beginning of the month, Ontario temporarily closed all in-person dispensaries as they were deemed non-essential. Sure enough, the Ontario government had come to a compromise a few days later to reopen cannabis stores for curbside pickup and delivery only. While these rules were being enforced in Ontario, in other areas such as Alberta and British Columbia, these methods of purchasing cannabis products are great examples on how dispensaries can remain in business. With this said, the safest way of buying weed during these unexpected times is from online dispensaries.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Canada, you can get cannabis products delivered to you in any province. With that said, some provinces only have government issued online dispensaries. This has not always been the case as a few years ago you could have been fined or penalized for investing in marijuana, let alone weed delivery. Government officials agree that along with cannabis stores being deemed essential, delivery is the safest and best way for Canadians to enjoy their flower. All licensed bud stores and companies are taking more careful measures to ensure safety and always following the regulations from government health officials. Along with that, companies continue to innovate more sanitary methods, put up informational signs in their stores and minimize contact with their customers.

Many cannabis companies are also prioritizing specific consumers. As an example, many companies have prioritized their medical marijuana consumers over regular adult buyers, while still accommodating both groups. Employees of cannabis stores, especially ones which remain open for pick-up, are taking many more safety measures. Some of these safety procedures include proper sterilization and sanitization of products, employees wearing gloves, divided waiting lines and sanitizing surfaces on an hourly basis.

Canadian dispensaries are also encouraging customers to pre-order either over the phone or online, striving to keep minimal contact. Overall, in these unprecedented times Canadians are still able to purchase their favourite flowers and products while remaining safe and at home.

Bud Lab has always been one of the most reliable and safest online Canadian dispensaries. For consumers, purchasing from home is the safest way to purchase marijuana in these difficult times. Practicing social distancing and staying home is the most important thing for people to do as of right now, and Bud Lab makes it easy for you! If you have any more questions or concerns, please make sure to contact our Customer Support Team.

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