What Are Quad strain weed Bud Lab

See a lot of different ratings on the weed you’re buying in-store and online these days? Not sure what they mean? It’s understandable as different companies have vastly different ways of rating their bud. Bud Lab uses a system that rates strains A, AA, AAA, and Quad.
It’s important to note that premium and affordable weed are different. The most important aspects that differentiate strains include:

Grown & Dried

This is the most important aspect of a cannabis strain. It’s also the aspect of the strain that effects all of the other categories. How the cannabis plant was grown will play a significant factor to determine whether a strain is premium or not.

Everything under the sun effects the quality of a cannabis plant, including, but not limited to:

  • Amount of light the plant receives
  • Amount of water the plant is provided
  • Fertilizers (whether organic or synthesized)

Look, Shape, and Density of the Finished Bud

The look, shape, and density of a finished bud is an important marker for a cannabis strain when it is being graded. Are the buds dense? Are the buds consistent shape/size? Has the plant been handled, are the trichomes intact?

This one is less complicated to grade than others as it’s really all about the look and feel of the bud.

Aroma & Feel

Smell is obviously a very important part of any cannabis strain. Many things can happen to effect the smell however. For example, if the chlorophyll does not break down, then the smell can be like hay. And, if it is not dried properly, wet buds can have a moldy or funky smell.

Remember, cannabis has over 200 compounds that will determine the aroma, physical appearance, and therapeutic aspects of it. Premium Quad strains from Bud Lab guarantee you will get the best of the best. As with any products, it’s important that you understand what high-quality entails before you make the leap from a cheaper option. At Budlab.ca, we’re very open about what the differences are between our low-graded strains and our highest-rated Quads. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to reach out to us!

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