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CBD is most commonly consumed in oil form. Many people love how quick CBD oils are to use, and how they can easily be mixed into other liquids or foods. However, water-soluble CBD can be consumed in very similar ways, while producing even more potent effects. How? Keep reading to find out just what water-soluble CBD is, and why it may be a better way of ingesting cannabidiol than regular CBD oils.

What Is CBD And How Is It Made?

CBD oil is oil that has been infused with the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). Oils are a quick, easy, and convenient way to consume CBD. Typically they are either applied sublingually, swallowed whole, or mixed into other liquids or foods.

There are several ways to extract CBD and to infuse it into oil. Before it can be infused, CBD must first be extracted from a cannabidiol-rich plant source. Cannabis plants containing high CBD content are used as the primary source material in CBD extraction. From that point, CBD can be extracted using one of several methods such as CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction, or olive oil extraction. After the CBD has been stripped from the plant matter, it is then infused into a carrier oil such as hemp oil, MCT oil, or olive oil to make it easier to use.

Some CBD oils are also made by mixing CBD distillate with one of these carrier oils. CBD distillate is an odourless, tasteless powder that is composed of over 99% pure CBD. Distillate undergoes a much more thorough filtration process than other kinds of CBD, making it much purer and easier to mix. Because of this, it is commonly mixed with carrier oils to produce an effective CBD oil.

The taste of CBD oil can vary depending on how it is made. For instance, oils using an olive oil base tend to retain more of the flavours naturally contained in olives and olive oil. Meanwhile, full-spectrum oils typically undergo less filtration and tend to have a much more hemp-like taste featuring grassy and earthy tones.

What’s The Deal With Bioavailability?

‘Bioavailability’ is a medical term that refers to the ability of a substance to be absorbed and used by the body. Different methods of cannabis consumption have different bioavailability ratings. Effectively, this means that consuming cannabinoids like CBD and THC in certain ways will make them more effective.

The sublingual application of CBD oils (the most common method of consuming them) is believed to have a bioavailability rating of between 15% and 35%. However, when ingested orally (swallowed) like an edible, cannabinoids have a bioavailability rating of about 5% to 20%.

This means that applying CBD oils sublingually is more effective than ingesting them orally. This is primarily due to the metabolism’s ‘first-pass’ effect. The first pass-effect is a phenomenon whereby the concentration of a swallowed substance is greatly diminished before it reaches systemic circulation through the bloodstream. Simply put, compounds that are subject to the first-pass effect will not produce effects as potent as compounds that can bypass it.

Because of the first-pass effect, CBD’s ability to produce effects is significantly diminished when ingested orally. Mixing CBD oils with other liquids or foods is a convenient way of masking their taste, however, it is not as effective as applying it sublingually.

If you are looking to make the most of CBD’s therapeutic effects, regular CBD oils are probably not the answer. Water-soluble CBD has been specifically designed to work around this absorption problem, allowing you to make the most of your CBD, even if you prefer to ingest it instead of applying it sublingually.

What Is Water-Soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD is extracted CBD that has been converted into a water-soluble format using various techniques. The contents of CBD oil tend to stick together, making it harder for them to be effectively broken down and absorbed. However, the contents of water-soluble CBD are broken down into millions of tiny little pieces, making absorption much easier.

One method of producing water-soluble CBD is through an emulsification process that converts extracted CBD oils into a powder that mixes better with water, and is more easily absorbed by the body. Through this process, tiny pieces of oil are broken down into nano-sized particles that are encapsulated within other non-toxic materials for stability. The final result of this process is a micro-encapsulated, water-soluble CBD extract that can be more effectively utilized by the human body (45%-65% of which is water).

Why Is Water-Soluble CBD Superior To CBD Oils?

Water-soluble CBD is the most bioavailable form of CBD on the market. It is believed to be many times more effective than regular CBD oils. Water-soluble CBD opens the door to a wide-range of dosing methods. Not only does it make CBD capsules several times more effective, but it also allows us to seamlessly mix CBD into just about any liquid or food, something that is not always possible with CBD oil (oil and water don’t mix!). Moreover, it can also be used as an oral spray, allowing you to quickly, effectively, and discreetly, medicate on-the-go within a matter of seconds.

Many people dislike the bitter and grassy taste that characterizes most CBD oils. Moreover, the flavour of most CBD oils can significantly change the taste of the liquids or foods it is applied to, severely limiting its versatility when it comes to cooking. By comparison, water-soluble CBD has practically no effect on taste, color, or mouthfeel, allowing you to apply it without having to worry about negatively affecting the final taste of the foods or liquids it is added to.

Water-soluble CBD can help you to make the most of your CBD and your hard-earned dollars. It is believed to bypass the first-pass effect altogether, making it a superior way of delivering cannabidiol to your system. Because of this improved delivery method, water-soluble CBD provides more bang for your buck by allowing you to utilize more of your ingested CBD, and waste less. Rather than spending your hard-earned money on less effective CBD oils, check out water-soluble CBD instead.

Moreover, water-soluble CBD can be found in both liquid and capsule forms. And, despite the bioavailability ratings of sublingual and edible CBD, water-soluble CBD is just as effective when ingested orally as when it is applied sublingually.

Final Thoughts

There are many options when shopping for CBD in Canada. However, none of them as are effective and efficient as water-soluble CBD. While oil-soluble cannabidiol can get the job done, it simply does it in a much sloppier and more wasteful manner than water-soluble CBD.

If you are looking to buy some CBD oil or water-soluble CBD, check out the BudLab shop for a variety of CBD products. Bud Lab is an excellent source of CBD and other cannabis products for anyone in Canada. Take advantage of our competitive pricing and Canada-wide shipping to buy some CBD today!

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