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Valentine’s Day is one of our great worldwide holidays where expressions of love are hard to miss. Mingling together, classic gifts, and an exorbitantly expensive dinner are all ideal ways to show your appreciation for your special person ?. Perhaps, this year you may want to spice things up by purchasing that beloved cannabis connoisseur in your life a little something special? Any selection or combination of cannabis flower, concentrates, THC edibles, or CBD products could make the perfect presents for this special day.

Many believe that flowers are a traditional gift often traded throughout holidays such as Valentine’s Day, and we couldn’t agree more. What type of flowers you may ask? Potent, skunky and flavourful marijuana flowers right here from Bud Lab. This is a special time of the year that calls for special gifts, and we got you covered. Below is our handpicked list of 4 potentially perfect gifts this Valentine’s Day for that special person in your life!

Product #1: Aira – Sour Diesel Shatter

This sativa delicacy introduces high energy levels mixed with dreamy cerebral effects, a perfect concoction for you and your loved one on Valentines Day. The energetic Sour Diesel will leave you and your partner laying side by side while non-stop giggling. The earthy taste and pungent aroma of this concentrate is one of our top products, and we believe it’s the perfect post-date night festivity to take part in. For a guide on how to use shatter and other forms of marijuana concentrate, Weedmaps has a great guide on the topic. Might we add, Aira shatter is made using industry-leading extractions methods, ensuring the end product is both clean and potent.

Product #2: Potluck – Raspberry Gummies

One of the hottest products available right now, Potluck is a Canadian brand created by several true Cannabis pioneers. Its founders are a group of individuals who really know how to make some good quality treats. Their Raspberry Gummies are one of a kind – delicious treats that will always guarantee an enjoyable experience. These are the perfect treats for if you’re at home with your partner relaxing, or even going for a night out. Just remember to dose accordingly enjoy safely, as we don’t want you getting too rowdy on Valentine’s Day. ?

Product #3: VVS Bomb – Diamond Bliss

Our third option on this list is for individuals who aren’t seeking a buzz, but pure sensual relaxation instead. If your bathtub can fit 2, we highly recommend the Diamond Bliss VVS Bomb, one of the best CBD-infused products available today. Sit back and relax in the warm water as you watch this beautiful crystal-white bath bomb dissolve around your bodies. These bath bombs are very beneficial for muscle aches, pain, stress relief and much more. 

Product #4: Wonder – Cookies n’ Cream

If you and your special one are looking to spice things up and try something new, we recommend the delicious Cookies n’ Cream bar by Wonder. Each treat contains 12 pieces that yield a total of 3g psilocybin, making it easy to dose and evaluate how you feel. This is the ideal product for if you and your partner want to explore something new this Valentine’s Day. Go on an adventure walk, watch your favourite movies or have some deep conversations. Whatever you do, just make sure to include this special marijuana delicacy in your V-Day plans. 

February 14th is always a day for excitement and new opportunity, whether you have a special someone in mind or laying easy for the day. Whatever your plans may be, consider enhancing your day’s experience with some of Bud Labs best products for Valentine’s Day. There is something for everyone – however you want to go about your special day is up to you! Bud Lab is one of the leading online mail-dispensaries in Canada and is your number one stop for buying premiere marijuana products. Shop today online for top tier quality Canadian weed for our customers and friends. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team

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