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Bud Lab Blog, CBD Oils You Need To Try

Buying CBD oil in Canada may not be an easy task. With the abundance of suppliers and brands available, it can be hard to pick apart winners from one product to another. You might have a store that you’re familiar with, where you buy all your CBD products from. Or, you might be just starting out, looking to try a sample to see whether it truly works. With so many options for CBD oil in Canada, there are specific items shoppers should look out for to ensure they get the quality they’re paying for.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 CBD oil brands available in Canada. These oils range from varying amounts of CBD and can be applied for different purposes. Whether you are looking to use them once a day as preventative medicine or to ease your back pain, this list has something for you.

1. Westcoast Smoke Co. Dream CBD Tincture – 30ml

The first CBD oil on our list is Westcoast Smoke Co.’s Dream CBD Tincture. This is not to be confused with the non-dream version, which contains a lesser 600mg of CBD per 30ml bottle instead of the 1,200mg of Dream’s. The unbeatable high concentration of CBD in the Dream bottle makes the tincture ideal for any situations that demand a high dosage of CBD. This may include back pains, anxiety, insomnia, or other troubling chronic conditions.

2. Reva-L Water-Soluble CBD Liquid – 30ml

If you are looking for a well-rounded bottle of CBD oil that is perfect for all occasions, look no further than Reva’s Water-Soluble CBD Liquid. While 600mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle is half that of our previous contender’s, Reva derives its CBD oil from the highest-grade full spectrum CBD available in Canada and lab tests every one of its products. Knowing that every bottle of CBD oil from Reva has been checked for quality control purposes under the strictest guidelines, many feel safe in trusting Reva for their CBD oil needs. If water-soluble oils and liquids aren’t your deal method of consumption, you can also check out their other CBD products, including capsules and bud strains.

3. FeelCBD Drops – Natural

We picked the unflavoured version of FeelCBD Drops for third place, but really any other variations of FeelCBD drops could be placed here as well. Each of these 30ml bottles contain 300mg of CBD and come in many different flavours. The benefit of the low dosage of CBD is the price; at only $60 per bottle, FeelCBD oils are perfect for those who are casual about trying out CBD oil for the first time.

It’s rare to come by good CBD oils without any THC components, as this process requires highly competent manufacturers who know exactly what they’re doing. All the above pure CBD oils have near 0 THC content, making it impossible to get high or become addicted to.


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