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When it comes to potent shrooms, you can’t go wrong with Amazonian mushrooms. Canadian psychonauts know the tremendous and amazing effects of this strain, and it’s never been easier to buy Amazonian mushrooms online.

If you’re eager to try out our insane Amazonian mushrooms then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll explore everything about trippin’ on this strain of mushrooms. We’ll be explaining everything you need to know about Amazonian mushrooms such as what they are, how they feel, and how you can trip safely.


The History of Shrooms

Magic mushrooms have a rich history of exploration and enlightenment. They have long been used to bring about a spiritual awakening. Magic mushrooms have been used in religious ceremonies and customary traditions too. Historical studies have found that shrooms were used by indigenous cultures in South America, Europe, and the Middle East too. Basically, magic mushrooms were praised by ancient societies for their ability to bring one closer to their gods and higher powers. 


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Today they are still utilized by some cultural groups to bring about an enlightening and introspective experience, however, they’re commonly used for their euphoric and peaceful trip too.


What Are Amazonian Mushrooms?

Let’s quickly explain what exactly these magically potent mushrooms are. They’re known as Psilocybe cubensis and are part of the same family as many other shrooms like the Huautla magic mushroom. These are definitely a must-try too. We’ve even dedicated an entire blog post about the reasons why you should test out our Huautla magic shrooms

The Amazonian mushroom is a powerful strain that makes for an incredibly enlightening trip. It originates in the Amazon jungle and was used by shamans to conduct an ancient spiritual ceremony. Today, it is used both ceremoniously and recreationally. Psychonauts seek out Amazonian mushrooms for their spiritual, hallucinogenic, and euphoric effects.


What Do Amazonian Mushrooms Feel Like?

The feeling and sense of enlightenment that you’ll get after trippin’ on Amazonian mushrooms are unparalleled. They make for a wondrous spiritual journey and sensory adventure. You’ll experience a weightless state and deepened introspection in which your mind will feel clear, present, and peaceful. Your senses will be enhanced too as objects appear to have softer outlines and vibrant colors. 

Not only will you have a vivid visual experience, but magic mushrooms have also been said to boost one’s mood and creativity. After you’ve taken an Amazonian mushroom, you may have waves of energy and feel a sense of enlightenment. Of course, we have to mention that everyone’s trip will be different. It may also be influenced by what you’re doing at the time. There are tons of amazing things that you can do while trippin’, and we recommend that you try out new activities and locations to find out what creates the ultimate tranquil experience for you. 

South American mushrooms are also well-known for their euphoric highs. You can check out why they’re one of the best magic mushrooms out there by reading through our other Bud Lab blog posts.


How to Trip on Amazonian Mushrooms Safely

Before you jump straight into the wonders of trippin’ on Amazonian mushrooms, it’s always important that you’re safe. Trust us, a safe trip is a better trip! Not only is it important to ensure that you’re healthy but it’s also a good way to avoid any bad trips. 

First, it’s extremely important that you have a sober friend or person that you trust to be present while you trip. Think of this person as a “trip sitter”, who will check in on you and ensure that you’re safe. It’s a good idea to have someone that has experience with shrooms as they’ll know exactly what you’re going through — so if you have a bad trip, they can be there to comfort you. The location you choose is also an important fact when it comes to tripping safely. After you buy Amazonian mushrooms online, you’ll want to find a calm and peaceful environment. A beach or outdoor area makes for a beautiful sensory trip. You can also settle down in a safe area in your home. A good environment will make for a stress-free and comfortable mindset throughout your experience. The type of music you play will also be able to create the desired atmosphere too, so think about turning on a tranquil playlist. 

The next consideration to keep in mind is your source. The place you decide to purchase your Amazonian mushrooms from needs to be a trustworthy carrier. The best trip happens when you’ve used premium quality magic mushrooms like ours. You’ll want to be sure that you know exactly what you’re taking.

Finally, the dosage you take is also vital to create a safe and wondrous adventure. If you’re new to the world of magic mushrooms, then we suggest that you consume 1g of Amazonian magic mushrooms. It’s best to increase the dosage at least one hour after your first dose. This will give a slight body high and is a great way to ease into your magic mushroom journey. Our experienced psychonauts out there can take 1 to 3g of Amazonian magic mushrooms, which will make for a noticeable body high and a pure euphoric and introspective trip. You can purchase Bud Lab’s 5g of Amazonian magic mushrooms here.

You can buy both our 1g and 5g Amazonian magic mushrooms online. They are rated 100 percent when it comes to elevating your mood and they’re even 95 percent effective at relieving stress.


Our Closing Thoughts

At Bud Lab, we pride ourselves on supplying premium quality shrooms and cannabis products. We only use the purest strains and ensure that our customer care is unmatched. You can buy our Amazonian mushrooms online in Canada. 

If you ever have questions regarding Amazonian magic mushrooms or any concerns, then reach out to us through our contact page — No question is ever too stupid. We understand our customers’ worries or curiosity surrounding shrooms, so we’re here to help you in any way that we can.

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