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Whenever we purchase a vape pen, whether it’s filled with tasty tobacco or yummy CBD, one of our top concerns is – how long will the pen last me? Oftentimes, depending on the brand you purchase and the vendor you buy it from, things such as a jammed pen can ruin all the fun for us. This is much more prevalent in CBD vape pens due to the construction of the cartridge. So how do we avoid or fix a jammed CBD cartridge?


What Does a CBD Vape Pen Consist Of?

If you’ve ever hit a CBD vape pen and felt no airflow coming out of the pen, it’s first important to understand what is in a vape pen.

A cartridge can be jammed from a variety of ways. All 510-threaded vape cartridges function essentially the same way, having a glass or plastic outer shell with a connection towards the bottom of the cartridge that attaches to the battery of the pen. The pen itself then has a mouthpiece at the top, and sometimes a charging socket at the bottom depending on if it’s disposable.

Within the cartridge sits the most important part of the pen – the CBD e-liquid. The solution sits towards the bottom with a coil at the base, relying on the power from the battery to heat up the e-juice, turning it into vapor.


Why Is My CBD Vape Pen Jammed?Westcoast Smoke Co Vape Pens Components

Most of the time, when a CBD vape pen is jammed, it has to do with the CBD oil itself.

CBD oil can come in many varying levels of strengths and purity. This reflects the amount of milligram pure hemp extract contained in the liquid. Hemp extract, especially for CBD, exists in the form of pure oil in its most basic form. The more potent and pure the cartridge, the more ‘oil-like’ your CBD e-liquid will be, and the more insolvable and concentrated it is. In rare cases, if the purity of the CBD oil is near 100%, the e-liquid can even crystalize, resulting in an attractive but not very ingestible compound within the vape cartridge.

When vaping, the CBD oil is heated by the battery-powered coil, and pushed through into the mouthpiece as vapor. However, thick oil that does not completely vaporize can end up clogging the mouthpiece. Or, small amounts of residue over the course of many vaping sessions eventually accumulating can present the same issue. The end result is a layer of CBD-fueled oil layer clogging up the mouthpiece. 


How to Unclog a CBD Vape Pen

Before you wonder why you did not go with the other brand of vape pens, or purchased from a trusted cannabis store online that serves thousands of Canadians on a daily basis, we’ve got some troubleshooting steps you can try out first.

Note, below are the more generic issues to explore. More specific troubleshooting guides made on popular brands such as Aira Vape Pens or Westcoast Vape Pens can be found on their individual product pages.


Method #1: Apply Heat to the Cartridge

The first thing that you can try is applying heat to the cartridge. Since many times the issue is with thick CBD oil unable to transform into vapor to get through the mouthpiece, heat helps accelerate the process of that transition. A little bit of heat can help melt the oil faster. Just make sure the source of heat is fitting for the material of the cartridge – you don’t want to be burning plastic!

We suggest 2 ways of heating up a vape cartridge:

  1. Hold a hairdryer away from the cartridge and turn it on for about 30 seconds. This should warm the cartridge up to the point of melting the oil. When you turn the pen on, the coil should finish the rest.
  2. Simply place the cartridge in a warm spot of the home, such as in proximity of the fireplace or by a radiator

It is important to note that you only want the cartridge to get warm, not hot. Excessive heating of CBD oil will cause the CBD to degrade in potency, leaving you with an ashy smoke with minimal effects to your wellbeing.


Method #2: Use a Pin to Unjam the Mouthpiece

In scenarios where the issue is with the built-up gunk in the mouthpiece instead of the oil purity, you can leverage small tools such as toothpicks or iPhone SIM card remover to clear out the space. The latter being the less desired option.

In certain cases, you can simply jam a toothpick or safety pin through the small holes of the mouthpiece to dislodge whatever is clogging it up. Be sure not to push too far into the cartridge as you may break the piece that regulates how much vapor goes through.


Proper Maintenance Prevents Clogs and Jams

It’s better to be proactive in avoiding clogs and jams than to find ways of fixing them, as it saves a lot of headache and troubles to go through. Below are a few tips on avoiding improper CBD vape pen care.

  1. Do not leave CBD vape cartridges in cold areas. Lower temperatures can cause the liquid to crystallize, making them unable to vaporize and enter the mouthpiece.
  2. Be mindful of the quality of your CBD cartridges. Often, it can be tempting to swap out high quality cartridges for some fun, playful flavours from brands you’ve never heard of before. While an attractive option to experience new flavours, low-quality options may clog up your previously-expensive vape pen due to poor use of materials, inadequate airflow, or low-quality ingredients in the vape juice that are prone to clogging, vitamin E acetate or sugary additives.


Aira Vape Pen Kit Lying On A TableShop Trusted Brands to Avoid Clogging Troubles

The best approach to avoiding problems is to avoid the problem. Or some saying to that effect. When shopping for CBD vape pens, be sure to buy trusted brands carried by reputable dispensaries. Brands such as Bob Vape Pens, Aira, Culture, Diamond Concentrates, and more, are among the top pen manufacturers in Canada. Browse our top vape brands and place an order today!

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