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Top 5 ways to enjoy smoking by yourself

We all enjoy hanging out with our pals and sharing joints, but nobody should undervalue the pleasure of a nice solo session. And let’s face it, you might not always have the energy to interact with others.

By using marijuana alone, you can improve your self-awareness, engage in self-care, or simply make “me-time” activities more enjoyable. Whether you’ve experienced a lone high before or not, there are a ton of methods to maximize the feeling on our list of things to do.

Vibe in Nature

Let’s face it, we could all stand to step outside and touch a little more non-smoking grass in today’s digital environment. Going outside when stoned is a terrific way to take advantage of your high.

Cannabis can assist you in tuning into these fleeting moments and feeling more like a part of the world around you whether you are gazing at the sky and watching the clouds drift by, listening to the beach waves smash, or getting your hands filthy in a garden.

You might feel better about your irritated coworker downplaying your accomplishment or your roommate snatching your leftovers afterward. Nature and cannabis provide perspective.

The top 5 ways to enjoy smoking by yourself 1

Dive Into Hobbies or DIY

You can choose a hobby you enjoy and get creative with the help of one of the many fantastic marijuana strains available.

Don’t worry about getting things done perfectly; simply enjoy the process while you’re high and temporarily forget about being productive. Getting crafty can take countless shapes. You might purchase jewelry-making supplies like wire and beads or seasonal decorations to weave a wreath for the upcoming holiday.

Using flowers from your neighbourhood market to create a DIY flower arrangement provides you the ability to create something and embark on a journey. Other excellent creative outlets include simple origami, sculpture, sewing, tie-dye, scrapbooking, and knitting and crocheting.

Whatever you decide, let yourself enjoy the high, experiment, and just have fun producing something.

Write in Your Journal

Cannabis is a terrific tool for delving deeply into your thoughts and emotions since it has a way of promoting introspection. Writing in a journal is a great method to focus that energy and let go of the clutter in your head. In fact, decades of studies have demonstrated that keeping a journal can actually improve general mental health.

Spending time alone journaling while high can be a wonderful way to relieve some mental stress and lift whatever may be weighing on your heart, especially when combined with cannabis’ capacity to have a favourable impact on mental health.

Engage with Art and Colour

Things always appear a little brighter when stoned with a good uplifting strain. It makes it the ideal moment to pull out a colouring book or canvas and lose yourself in the world of colour.

No matter the medium—markers, crayons, acrylics, or watercolours—it works. Connect with your inner child and recall the fun of using colour to express yourself. If you appreciate beauty products and cosmetics, now is the time to experiment with a playful makeup look. Your face is a canvas after all!

You can visit the museum to see other ways that artists have used colour to express themselves.

The top 5 ways to enjoy smoking by yourself 2


Cannabis is mostly used as a plant medicine by a lot of individuals. Beyond symptom treatment, we can improve wellness habits like meditation with alone time and a good strain. In addition to improving wellness, meditation can assist us in connecting with our genuine emotions, learning the truths about our minds, removing emotional obstacles, and more.

There are several techniques for meditating when intoxicated, as well as many excellent strains.

Spend your alone time getting to know the most significant person in your life—you—by choosing a meditation technique and a strain that work for you.

Final Thoughts

Can you come up with any additional activities you enjoy doing on a high by yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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