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A quick session browsing across a dozen online dispensaries will quickly present CBD flower enthusiasts with a major problem: there’s nothing in stock. No flower pure in CBD with minimal levels of THC, no matter where you look. The good old Black Widow Quads or White Widow AAA we’d been used to seeing back in 2017 to 2018 are nowhere to be found. What happened?

In the present day Canadian marijuana market, there has been a major shortage in pure CBD strains. For the most part, the type of strains available at both physical dispensaries and online MOM’s all come with heavy THC content, whether it be indica, sativa, or a hybrid strain. This has presented a major shortage of CBD strains in the market, making it difficult for those seeking out high CBD content buds via traditional means.

Why is CBD Flower So Rare?

Cultivating crops of marijuana is a complex task involving many things to go right as a blend of expertise and luck. Put in the simplest terms, starting from seeds, for a crop of cannabis to produce the high quality, dense nugs with select THC to CBD content, a very stringent set of criteria need to be applied to achieve the highest probability of success. From growing in living soil to avoiding the use of PGR’s and pesticides, the process of raising a crop of respectable marijuana is more difficult than many would imagine.

Given this lengthy process, the task of raising a crop of weed high in CBD is even more demanding on the cultivator.

Marijuana strains do not naturally come in 28% CBD and 0% THC. This effect is achieved by closely controlling the growth patterns of the plant to manipulate its cannabinoid content. The majority of strains known in North America are the highest in THC, with only a small portion of CBD to round out the health-benefiting effects. To harvest a crop of cannabis and label them as CBD strains thus requires a lot of care and work. And frankly, in the current climate, many growers including both commercial and craft cultivators are finding their efforts more fruitful in other areas.

What Changed About CBD Flower?

Turning back the clock 5 years, there was an abundance of CBD strains available in the market. Growers found it reasonable to dedicate the time and effort in raising these strains as the CBD-only users didn’t have as many options in shopping for ‘smarter’ solutions like they do today. Back then, it was either to smoke a CBD-heavy joint, or ingest a few droplets of incredibly bitter tasting CBD oil. As the flavour of the market continues evolve, 2 patterns starting taking shape:

  1. More options of consuming CBD became available to shoppers. From disposable CBD vape pens, to edibles, to tinctures and even face masks, the options of consuming CBD became endless and has even become a core niche within the beauty industry.
  2. With many enthusiasts now beginning to develop veteran-levels of knowledge and taste, the demand for high quality THC strains became more elite. 

With these 2 factors combined, many cultivators of CBD crops began to utilize their techniques towards raising incredibly potent THC quad strains, serving the recreational market much more appreciative of high quality strains than medical users. While some growers still focus solely on raising CBD strains, they are rare to come by, and will usually demand prices similar to AAAA special reserve designer strains.

Where to Look if You Want CBD Flower

Due to the shortage, many online dispensaries are bringin’ on CBD Hemp Flower as CBD Flower to appeal to the market. However, the two are not the same. Though both plants are categorized in the same family, hemp flower is raised in different conditions than regular cannabis crops, and is also much lower in its THC content as part of its genetics. Legally speaking, a strain can be categorized as hemp if it contains 0.3% THC or less, which meets a similar criteria for CBD strains.

If you are in the market for CBD flower and nothing else will do, the best course of action would be to find a reliable dispensary who regularly restocks on CBD flower, or try CBD hemp flower. With real CBD flower, there will likely be a premium to be paid for it, while hemp flower can serve as the cheaper alternative so long as you don’t mind the fact that it’s technically not weed you’re smoking.

Does Bud Lab Carry CBD Flower?

As of June 2022, we’re in the same boat as the majority of Canadian online dispensaries. CBD flower is hard to get access to, and when the opportunity arises, the quality of strains have been mid at best with a hefty price tagged to it. Our team continues the search for a reliable CBD cultivator to make the strains available to our guests, but in the meantime, we do not carry flower with less than 0.3% THC.

However, if it’s medicinal benefits you’re after, then we do carry a wide range of CBD products in our catalog. From edibles to CBD vape pens and more, we’re sure to have something that you’ll take an interest in.

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