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The effect of cold on cannabis plants

Winter is around the corner, which means your cannabis plants might be affected by low temperatures. Temperature is one of the essential factors for cannabis growers to control. Therefore, it’s crucial to control it and ensure the quality of your buds won’t be compromised.

Cannabis as a plant can be grown in many places on Earth. As a result, a worldwide diversity of cannabis genetics can be found as altitude, latitude, temperatures, humidity, photoperiod are some of the factors that significantly influence when growing canabis. For example, in countries where weather conditions become more diverse such as Canada, the period in which it is possible to cultivate cannabis is shortened according to latitude.

Cold temperature and moisture levels significantly affect cannabis plants, and not in the best way. Once the temperature around the roots drops below 15 degrees Celsius, metabolism stops, and plant growth grinds to a halt. Unlike animals and humans, a marijuana plant is entirely dependent on its environment, even though they are pretty self-sufficient.

Drying and cold curing cannabis buds is an essential process that must be done correctly to produce high quality buds. Read the ultimate guide to drying and cold curing cannabis buds.

In this article, we will explain in more detail the effects of cold on cannabis plants, growing marijuana indoors vs outdoors, the best strains for cold weather and the best tips for growing cold-weather cannabis.

The effect of cold on cannabis plants 1

How Does the Cold Affect Cannabis Plants?

Temperatures below 12ºC will gradually slow the plant’s metabolism, making everything much less active. As a result, the biochemical and enzymatic processes required for healthy growth can’t take place, leaving plants weak and small. In addition, the root system cannot function as it usually does, meaning it won’t absorb adequate nutrition.

With nutrition not being absorbed correctly and low temperatures colder than 18ºC, magnesium can be affected. This is a vital micro-nutrient for the cannabis plant’s development, leading to visible deficiencies in the larger leaves.

Controlling the temperature of your cannabis plant is essential to a successful cannabis harvest. Multiple options can help the plant adapt to each grower’s needs based on dimensions, lights used, ambient temperature, etc. Later in this article, we will provide the best tips for growing cold-weather cannabis.

Growing Marijuana: Indoors vs Outdoors

Many growers ask whether a better environment to grow weed is: indoors or outdoors. This question has been debated for many years, and the correct answer depends on the grower’s geographic situation.

As previously mentioned, the climate is a vital factor in growing marijuana. The sun and warmth help plants to thrive. In addition, latitude makes a difference in daylight hours and the length of the growing season. This is why the place a grower is located plays an important part.

In a country such as Canada, growing marijuana indoors will give you full control of your environment, including CO2 levels, light source, temperature and humidity, without worrying about the weather. In addition, indoor produce flowers with higher percentages of THC.

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Best Strains for Cold Weather

At Bud Lab, we provide the best quality buds in Canada. Discover our top 5 cannabis strains for cold climates providing different tastes, effects and growing traits.

  1. Pre-98 Bubba Kush (AAA+): Bubba Kush is considered one of the most flavourful strains of cold weather. High in THC levels, this strain is an excellent choice for relaxing afternoon and evening smoking sessions.
  2. Blackberry Haze (AAA): Blackberry Haze contains the classic Sativa buzz and some Indica qualities, which are suitable for anxiety and stress. This strain is considered to be highly resistant to mould.
  3. OG Kush: O.G Kush is the ideal strain if you feel depressed or anxious during wintertime. This strain is one of the most famous in the world of medicinal marijuana as it gives an uplifted sense of unfocused happiness and ease.
  4. Tangie: Tangie buds will give you a smooth uplighting cerebral high with enhanced creativity and euphoria, plus a focused boost of happiness.

Best Tips for Growing Cold-Weather Cannabis

As previously mentioned, cold climates can be a challenge for cannabis growers. However, some advantages and opportunities exist to grow weed in cold weather.

Here are our best 5 tips for growing cannabis in cold climates:

  1. Pick the most cold-resistant cannabis strains: for best results when growing weed in a cold climate, you may select outdoor Indica strains rather than trying to grow a late-blooming Sativa strain in a cold environment. Indicas tend to have shorter bloom cycles which better suit the short summers.
  2. Control humidity levels at all times: Temperature and humidity are always significant when growing cannabis, especially in cold climates. Morning dew can form on outdoor blooms in cold weather, leading to botrytis (bud rot/mould). Rot, however, is one of the reasons why many outdoor growers look to find an outdoor grow location with lots of suns.
  3. Learn to recognize your plant’s warning signs: The following are many of the most common symptoms that will tell when the plant is struggling with poot outdoor conditions:
    • Leaf edges start to curl
    • Leaves turn yellow much faster and earlier than usual
    • Growth can slow or even stop completely
    • Leaves may brown and drop off
The effect of cold on cannabis plants 1B

Final Thoughts on the Effects of Cold on Cannabis Plants

In resume, cannabis can be grown in cold climates. However, preparation and knowledge are essential to make this process successful. Know when the last frost of spring and the first frost of weather will likely arrive at your grow location, and plan accordingly with some early flowering outdoor cannabis seeds.

This article has covered all the essentials on the effect of cold on cannabis plants and how to cope with it. If you are not into growing your weed and like to just enjoy a good quality bud in the comfort of your sofa, browse our wide variety of cannabis products at Budlab.co.

Got any questions? Reach out now, and our team will be happy to assist you. Browse our site now, and enjoy Canada’s best-quality cannabis buds!

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