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The Best THC Infused Edibles for Christmas 2020

The holidays, and Christmas time to be specific, is a time notoriously known for reviving everyone’s sweet tooth with the endless candy and goodies. It is often hard to miss out on these sweet treats, and we don’t blame you! As a matter a fact, our Bud Lab Team would like to help you out by recommending some irresistible treats to spice up your Christmas! Whether you use them as gifts or for yourself, these 4 staff-picked products serve as delicious and potent snacks to last you until the new year.

Although you won’t get high as rapidly as smoking a joint or blunt, the effects and duration of time of Edibles make it worth the wait. Edibles specialize in heavier body stones than regular bud and provide a longer duration of being baked. If you’re still yet to experience premium THC-infused Edibles within your cannabis career, now is the time to venture! There’s nothing quite better than spending time at home and watching the snowfall while experiencing amazing euphoria at the same time! In this month’s blog, you can read up about 4 hand-picked edible treats by our Bud Lab team, perfect for this holiday season.

Boost Cherry Edibles - Happy

Boost Edibles – Cherry THC Gummies (150mg)

Boost is a Canadian-based edibles brand with some of the highest-rated treats on the market. The Boost Cherry THC Gummies offer consumers a delicious way to feel undeniable euphoric effects. This product contains 150mg of THC with 15 gummies, giving you flexibility when it comes to dosing. They may look harmless but beware, one too many of these edibles and you’ll be couch-locked for hours!

Mango Jelly Bomb Twisted Extracts

Twisted Extracts – Mango THC Jelly Bomb (80mg)

The Twisted Extracts Mango Jelly Bomb is a delicious sweet & tangy treat that can be enjoyed by all. This jelly delicacy contains a total of 80mg THC with each cube-shaped unit containing 10mg respectively. This is an ideal product for consumers who want to dose accordingly and try something on the easier side. Being a sativa-dominant extract, expect nothing less than an energetic and stress-relieving body stone.

Westcoast Smoke Co Kandi Spiked Grape Cool Aid

Westcoast Smoke Co Kandi – Spiked Grape Kool-Aid (200mg)

If you seek an edible which delivers pure relaxation and euphoria, look no further than Westcoast Smoke Co’s Spiked Kool-Aid Kandi. This product contains 20mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per unit making it elite for relaxation purposes. Westcoast Smoke has worked hard to develop flavour profiles which resemble their favourite drinks. Expect a blast of delicious grape Kool-Aid when indulging upon these gummies and revisit your childhood!

Baroness Baron Bucks Edibles

Baroness Edibles – Baron Bucks THC (500mg)

Baroness is a company excelling in two major things: Making undeniably delicious treats and undeniably potent treats. Each pack of Barons Bucks comes with 5 treats containing 100mg each of pure THC extract. This product makes it easier than ever to experience a powerful high and indulge on a delicious treat at the same time. Recommended for more advanced cannabis lovers.

Now that you have read up on some perfect products to pair with your holiday plans, what are you waiting for? We hope that these 4 delicious gummies will find their way to you and your stomach this Christmas! Bud Lab is proud to offer our beloved customers the best variety of Canadian edibles in the industry. From chocolate, gummies, drink mixes and so much more, you can shop confidently for edibles with Bud Lab. We strive for unbeatable product quality, exceptional customer service and discreet yet speedy delivery. If you have any questions about Bud Lab, feel free to contact our Customer Support Team.

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