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Birds Eye View Of Magic Mushrooms

The South American Magic Mushroom is one of those perfectly balanced strains, ideal for both beginners and veteran psychonauts alike! Whether you’re brand new and searching for a great introductory experience or a psilocybin connoisseur looking for an impressively chill trip, the South American shroom is for you! 

If you’re on the hunt for a top-rated strain, well, you’ve just stumbled across one of the best options around! To help explain why the South American magic mushroom is regarded as one of the best all-around shrooms, we’ll break down exactly what makes this ancient strain is so special.


The History Of The South American Magic Mushroom

The South American Magic Mushroom (or South American Cubensis) is idolized as one of the most balanced strains around. Legend has it this special shroom originates from Venezuela. As the story goes, the Souther American mushroom was originally popularized by Spore Chicks. However, it’s still unclear whether or not they were the ones to first discover and harvest the shroom or if they simply sold the strain as the South American. The most mysterious part about this shrooms origin story is that we’ll never know since Spore Chicks eventually disappeared from the magic mushroom world.


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Regardless of how the South American shroom came to be, we’re just grateful this masterpiece of a strain decided to show itself to the Spore Chicks — or whoever found it!


Why The South American Is The Best All-Around Shroom

Similar to most psilocybin strains, this magic mushroom has psychedelic properties that are equally as intriguing as its history! South American mushies are hated by few and praised by many. South American shrooms are known for being one of the most well-balanced psilocybin shrooms available and they never cease to amaze both beginners and veteran psychonauts alike. 

South American magic shrooms have a reputation for providing effects that equally stimulate the mind and body, making them one of the best all-around shrooms. This fan-favourite strain isn’t known for having an overly strong potency, so it’s relatively simple to dose yourself a perfect trip!


What Do South American Shrooms Feel Like?

The South American magic mushroom is known for creating euphoric highs — lifting both your mind and body into a seamlessly weightless and ingenious-like state! Users can expect to feel a stronger sense of interconnectedness with those around them, as well as their surroundings. Prepare for a smooth and balanced spiritual experience with transformative visuals! Colours and outlines of the world may appear softer and objects around you will look like they’re “breathing.”


Using South American Magic Mushrooms To Treat Mental Disorders

Psilocybin enthusiasts of all experience levels have turned to dried South American shrooms for their balanced effects and ability to purposefully connect you with the world around you. In fact, the use of dried South American mushrooms has been linked to local shamans in Ecuador and Guanajuato — so you know these things are the real deal! In this context, shamans would leverage the impactful spiritual effects of South American shrooms to treat mental ailments such as anxiety, addiction disorders, and even depression.


How To Properly Dose South American Shrooms For The Best Trip

The South American magic mushroom is one of the most balanced strains available today. In addition to a deep and warming bodily buzz, you can be sure to find your inner peace. To ensure you have the best trip possible, the following doses are recommended:

  • Museum dose: 0.5 grams to 1.5 grams.
  • Moderate dose: 2 grams is typically an average dose, though upwards of 3.5 grams may help create a more powerful trip.
  • High dose: ~3.5 grams and above will be sure to provide psilocybin enthusiasts with a mind-awakening journey of introspection and deepened interconnection with yourself and those around you; this is not recommended for beginners.

While this strain is a top-recommended shroom for both psilocybin newbies and experts, it’s important to remember that these doses are general recommendations and not guaranteed to produce your desired effects. All users react differently, but it’s up to your mindset to ensure you get the most out of your South American trip! 

For more tips, advice, and stories on the best of magic mushrooms, be sure to check out Bud’s blog. We hope your South American shroom experience is as magical as can be!

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