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Is cannabis a part of your daily life? Do you smoke even when you’re sick? Well, you may not be serving your body well by doing so! Now, the benefits of cannabis have been well-covered, and this article won’t be going against any of those assumptions, all this will be looking at is how cannabis effects someone you when you have a cold.

What’s Smart About Smoking Cannabis with a Cold?

Cannabis can help the human body deal with viruses, in more ways than one. Cannabis promotes better sleep, which in turn, can speed up the healing process. So, if a cold is keeping you from having a full night’s sleep, cannabis is a great solution. It has also been found that CBD has good antioxidant properties that provide a supplement for the natural immune system response.

CBD also has anti-bacterial properties to help fight viruses, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can help to open clogged sinuses and help you breathe easier and feel better quicker.

What’s Dumb About Smoking Cannabis with a Cold?

Ingesting smoke causes irritation of the airways in the lungs, which can exacerbate the symptoms of a cold or fever. When dealing with a cold specifically, where your throat and chest become almost fully-filled with mucus, irritating it further by smoking is a bad idea. If you do decide you need cannabis while battling a cold, try consuming edibles.

What’s Better Than Smoking Weed with a Cold?

Consuming edibles like oil or a drink is, by far, the best way to get high when you are suffering through cold or fever symptoms. By consuming cannabis this way, you take in the ‘superfood’ components of cannabis such as the omega 3 fatty acids that help strengthen the immune system, without taking in the smoke. If you want to heal your symptoms even faster, try mixing the herb itself with other ingredients like ginger, lemon, and honey to make it into a soothing cannabis tea.

If blowing smoke is still a favourite method of yours, use a vaporizer! This method does not put direct fire on the plant, which means you get to inhale and savour the healthy components and eliminate the other particles that may turn into tar in your lungs.

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