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Marijuana edibles are becoming increasingly popular. From gummies to drink mix, there’s a wide variety of options you can choose from. However, having weed edibles, especially for the first time, can be pretty intimidating. 

Edibles have a more potent, high, and long-lasting effect than smoking weed. You’re giving the THC a path directly to your bloodstream when you smoke weed, while edibles pass through your digestive system. The slow movement of your digestive system means that your high will continue to escalate for a while, and your body will slowly and continuously process the THC you ate in a steady stream. This article will explain the pros and cons of having edibles on an empty and full stomach.

How Edibles Work on an Empty Stomach

As previously mentioned, THC acts differently in your body when it is absorbed through the digestive tract. As a result, you will have longer-lasting effects and a more potent high. Also, consider that if you consume too much THC, you can experience a rapid heartbeat, paranoia, and even sweating for hours. This is something you don’t want to experience – trust us. 

Start low; go slow. This is the first thing we recommend to our clients if they want to avoid getting too high from edibles regardless of whether they’ve eaten them. The effect will vary depending on your tolerance to THC and your level of experience and comfort with marijuana.

On The Other Hand, How Are They on a Full Stomach?

When you eat weed edibles on a full stomach, it takes longer to kick in, and the effects will be milder than doing so on an empty stomach. Edibles hangover is a thing, and it happens when your body is still processing the THC in your system the day after eating edibles. We recommend drinking lots of water and eating a little bit to clear the last of your edibles out of your system. There’s no better way to consume THC and CBD than eating our amazing and flavour weed edibles. There are a lot of edible options you can choose from. Thankfully we have created a list of the ten must-try weed edibles for snack lovers.

A useful tip when having edibles?

Always, always start low and go slow. Some people think they will get the effect right after having edibles, and it doesn’t work like that. Make sure to always give yourself at least 90 to 120 minutes between taking your first dose and taking more.

The 3 Best Weed Edibles to Buy Online in Canada

We all agree that there isn’t a better combination than a mix of sugar and marijuana. From anything like gummies to drink mixes, we love edibles for their ease of consumption and ability to satisfy our craving for sweets. Here are the three best weed edibles to buy online in Canada:

  1. Potluck Cherry Hard Candies: Each of these hard candies comes packed with 25mg of THC and an immaculate taste, similar to the flavour profile of your favourite Halloween candies. Being a hard candy, it’s pretty challenging to break each piece down into smaller bits, so novices should beware the power of this edible and be mindful of their tolerances.
  2. CBDfx Sublingual Hemp Strips: If you’re looking for some self-care at the moment instead of getting high, CBDfx is one of the best brands to look towards. Their Sublingual Hemp Strips, containing 25mg of CBD, are one of the easiest accessible forms of edibles in the Canadian market today. Open the casing, take a strip out, and hold it on or under your tongue to feel the wellness kick in.
  3. E-Lix THC Drink Mix: Every drink mix produced by E-Lix is infused with 30mg full-spectrum BHO, the most accurate possible expression of the plant’s complexity. Have it your way. While the standard is to mix an entire packet into 250ml of water, the possibilities are endless.


New to the world of edibles? Get in touch with our team of experts and find out the best edibles that will satisfy your needs.

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