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Have you ever bought a CBD vape pen online, just to find out it’s a dud? Maybe the battery died after the first pull, or the distillate leaked. And then you had to go through a lengthy refund process just to get your money back. Yuck.

If you’re struggling to find the right brand for you, you might be in luck. In this article, we discuss the top 3 CBD vaporizer brands in Canada and analyze the each of their offerings objectively by value, reliability, and other metrics you might be looking for. Full disclosure: we do carry these brands on our site. But, since we’ve interacted so extensively with their products and have received countless feedback from customers, we feel confident in suggesting them to our readers. Or, just call it a shameless plug.

Before we get into the brands, lets briefly discuss the current situation with the CBD vape pen market in Canada.

Increasing Demand for CBD Products

During these unprecedented times, many people are trying to up their nutrition and wellness game. Whether that means eating healthier, getting more exercise, or finding supplements in every shape or form acting as extra buffers to their immune system, we’re all doing everything in our power to stay safe from the virus. Speaking of the latter, there has indeed been a pickup in the sale of CBD vape pens in Canada over the last few months.

While science hasn’t proven CBD to be beneficial or even preventative to external intruders such as COVID-19, there has been many studies of CBD alleviating soreness, disorders, and other negative health conditions. There has also been research performed on whether vaping CBD can help improve mental health.

This brings us to present day. Maybe you’re in the market for a CBD pen just for that extra layer of protection as well. Whatever your reason, the below 3 brands will do a lot better than just meet expectations.

#1 – Aira Vape Pens

The first brand on the list – Aira vape pens has been making plenty of waves in the market since its launch a few years back. The brand is highly regarded as one of the most capable distillate manufacturers in Canada and has even recently released their own line of shatter.

Aira Vape Kits can typically be found in the $60 – $70 range, with every refill distillate containing 555mg of THC or CBD. Of all 3 brands on the list, Aira isn’t the cheapest or necessarily the best value for THC percentage, but their hardware is highly reliable and rarely breaks, and their distillate is expertly refined to be in the upper echelon. If you’re looking for a pen to carry anywhere and everywhere without fearing it cracking or leaking, Aira is your best bet.

#2 – Westcoast Smoke Co. Vape Pens

Sleek, sexy, and high-end. This could very well be everything you wanted in a vape pen. Westcoast Smoke Co. carries two signature lines of vaporizers: the Gold Digger and the Silver Bullet 2.0. Without further introductions on the history of the 1.0, Westcoast presents some of the best value in the market of THC distillate on the dollar.

A Gold Digger will set you back around $80 while a Silver Bullet Disposable goes for ~$60.00. Each Gold Digger cartridge packs 720mg of THC, presenting excellent value for money. Pick from flavours such as Girl Scout Cookies, Grape Ape, and OG Kush, and experience the reason why so many vape enthusiasts love Westcoast.

#3 – Culture Vape Pens

For the minimalists who prefers aesthetics as clean as their distillates. Culture vape pen has been fan favourites in the Canadian cannabis market since before smoking THC out of a vape pen was cool. Their lines of disposable vape pens boast single-colour matte finished hardware, characterized by small open windows indicating remaining levels of distillate.

Their slogan, “No buttons, no batteries, no recharging,” is realized on each one of their vape pens, with sleek designs and easy to operate functions. Simply pull on the mouthpiece and enjoy the abundance of flavours the pen has to offer. Each $50 pen is pre-loaded with 0.5mL of distillate, equating to approximately 400mg of CBD or THC. If you want one coloured pen for every possible outfit your wardrobe has to offer, Culture is definitely the way to go, and their flavoured varieties are nothing to scoff at either.

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