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These disposable vape pens from Culture come pre-loaded with 0.5 mL of BHO Indica distillate (~400mg of THC). With no battery to recharge, all you do is take a drag and enjoy. You can expect to get approx. 150 pulls from the built in Lithium Battery and Ceramic Coil. Ideal storage is at temperatures above freezing but below 35 degrees Celsius, and stored with the pen cap down to eliminate burner issues.

Please Note: Culture DOES NOT use Vitamin E Acetate. These vape pens have No PG, No PEG, No MCT, and No VG and are blended with organic terpenes (a proprietary blend from Culture). Our clients health and safety is very important to us. We strive to provide the highest quality product not only in taste but also in safety.

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Where to Begin...

Finding the best vape pen is becoming increasingly difficult. There’s almost too much variety! All Vape Pens have got to be portable, easy to use, and, preferably, affordable, and we still didn’t get to the whole flavour and vapor production issue. In fact, with so many devices flooding the market, keeping track of everything is a 24/7 job and even veteran vapers are having a hard time coping with the changes.
Beginner vapers, however, are at a risk of drowning in this sea of information. That is why we have decided to create this comprehensive list of vapes, making sure to point out the strong points of every vaporizer featured on it. Looking for the best starter vape pen? We included it right here! We also covered the best vapes regarding vapor, flavour, and usability, along with the best marijuana concentrate vape pens for dry herbs and concentrates.
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How Vape Pens Work

Vape pens, also referred to as vaporizer pens, vapor pens or vape pen mods are tiny pen-shaped vaporizers. Originally vape pens were made to look like cigarettes but since then have evolved into their own thing. Vaporizer pens are typically powered by a small battery that screws onto a tank or atomizer that contains a heating coil system. The vaporizer pen is then loaded up with distillate and when the button is pressed, the battery engages the coil and vapor happens.
Even cannabis users have been switching over to vaping to avoid the harmful side-effects of combustion. Today they have vaporizer pens made for wax and dry herb. The dry herb vape pens utilize a heating chamber to vaporize your herb. The vape pens you find on our site use marijuana distillate, and vaporize for inhalation and consumption.
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Keeping it Simple

The first vaporizer pens looked more like a cigarette. They are often referred to as ciga-likes or e-cigarettes. Eventually, manufacturers started making these devices bigger to incorporate more powerful batteries and eventually they looked more like pens than cigarettes. Vapor pens are used for vaporizing vape juice, wax and dry herb.
For a smoker first making the switch to vaping, or for a vaper who wants to keep things as simple as possible, finding the best vape pen brands on the market is a big priority. Offering vast improvements in performance in comparison to ciga-like devices and being considerably more compact and simple than the vape mods many long-term vapers gravitate towards, vape pens are the perfect middle-ground for the vaper who wants solid performance without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.
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Ideal Vaporizer Use

Preliminary studies suggest that the hotter your vape battery gets, the more carcinogens you may be inhaling. Look for vape pen batteries that pack less of an electric punch, and don't take long inhales that cause the electric coil inside a pen to get super-hot. A recent study found that if your cannabis oil has been cut with popular additives like propylene glycol, a 3.3-volt battery was a lot safer than anything over five volts. The higher the temperature, the more formaldehyde gets released.
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6 reviews for Culture B.H.O. INDICA Vape Pen
  • A.B. Sinclair

    (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Great product. Gone through a few of them, like to hit it at night. No lingering smell, no hazy clounds. Just pure Indica mellowness. If you like vapes with fruity flavours this isn’t for you cause it still tastes like weed, just less harsh. Great quality product inside also.

  • Martha

    5 out of 5

    I need these ASAP. One in indica and one sativa. How can I order and how long does it take to get it?

    • Bud Lab

      Hi Martha,

      Orders are simple and fast, and contain automated emails with all the details needed.

      As for timing, depends on where you’re located, cities usually 2-3 days, but some rural areas can take longer.


  • slayer400

    (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Love this pen! All time favourite up to date.Nice mello buzz, helps with sleeping as well.

  • ruby

    (verified owner)

    1 out of 5

    I order 2 vape pens ( one sativa and one indica )
    The two ones juste work for the first charge battery!
    They are full, and dont charge anymore !!
    I try whit different chargers
    It’s sad because its not my firts vapepen culture !!
    You reimburse or somentings ….

    • Bud Lab

      Hi Ruby,

      Sorry to hear your bad luck with these pens. They are no doubt one of our top sellers, however sometimes the odd one can be defective.

      Our service team will reach out to you directly ASAP.


  • stalekisses

    (verified owner)

    1 out of 5

    On 2 different occasions I got a faulty pen. A very shoddy product.

  • Dan

    (verified owner)

    3 out of 5

    Product works as described however not really strong and need 5-6 pulls to feel any effect

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