Westcoast Smoke Co 1g Pre-Roll (AAA) Sativa – Dawn

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Whether you’re new to smoking or a seasoned veteran, these 1g Pre-Rolls from Westcoast Smoke Co are the ultimate in convenience, quality, and value! The Dawn Sativa Blend is filled with 1g of AAA-rated Moby Dick, and is the perfect way to start your day off on the right foot. As one of the strongest Sativa strains on the market, this citrus-y strain is known for its cerebral-stimulating highs, with a bright daytime buzz. Not ready to smoke the entire pre-roll at once? It even comes with a handy storage container, keeping it fresh for later use.

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3 reviews for Westcoast Smoke Co 1g Pre-Roll (AAA) Sativa – Dawn
  • NickBoc (verified owner)

    Best morning I’ve had in a while haha, totally good buy

  • Gerald

    I’ve been a budlab customer for a while now and I’m loyal for life at this point lol. They were kind enough to throw me in one of these in my order and WOW! Helped me get a lot done in the day after sparking it in the morning. Thanks again guys.

  • CheezyRich (verified owner)

    Will make the beginning of everyones day super productive (or at least for me lol). Also comes in a convenient tube to protect your j’s.

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