Blue Pulaski – 💙🍄


Behold Blue Pulaski, a cosmic elixir melding the mystical realms of Melmac and the euphoric dance of Blue Meanie Mushrooms. Inheriting the celestial virtues of its lineage, this potion transcends mere enchantment.

Melmac, renowned for mystic vision quests, bestows upon Blue Pulaski an otherworldly odyssey. The euphoric symphony of Blue Meanie Mushrooms, balancing body and mind, weaves an ecstatic ballet of cosmic sensations.

Yet, heed the cosmic counsel, for Blue Pulaski’s astral voyages are not for novices. With a divine 9/10 potency, it beckons the enlightened to transcend perception’s boundaries.

In a sip, Blue Pulaski unveils a celestial revelation where mortal and divine dance. Oh, cosmic wanderer, be prepared to commune with its magic—a journey of transcendence amidst the stars.

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