Bud Lab Microdose Shroom Caps 100mg (3g per Bottle)

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Get ready to break through your mental barriers and creative slumps! Bud Lab’s all-natural, non-intoxicating Microdose Capsules give you the ability to heal, boost, and conquer every moment of your day. Elucidate your vision, tap into your true brainpower, and start taking control of your heaviest workloads with heightened creativity, accelerated productivity, increased euphoria and sharpened focus — the day is yours to take! Take 3 capsules daily or as needed to amplify your creativity,uplift your energy levels and electrify your mental sharpnessfor unrivalled productivity.

Total Capsules: 30
Ingredients: Psilocybin Cubensis (100mg), 100% Pure Bee Pollen (100mg), Spirulina (100mg), Guarana (100mg), Ginko Biloba Leaf (100mg)

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  • 65%

    Stress Relief

  • 80%

    Pain Relief

  • 10%

    Sleep Aid

  • 95%

    Mood Elevation

  • 30%

    Appetite Promotion

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The Ins and Outs of Microdosing

It seems like these days, you can’t scroll through social media without encountering some sort of advertisement or positive story relating to microdosing. So what is it? It’s the practise of regularly taking psychedelics in small, barely perceptible doses with the intention of gently boosting your mood, productivity, creativity, and cognitive skills. For some, it provides a truly focused mindset that allows them to work with incredible efficiency and prowess. For others, it provides them with much needed relief from their anxiety, depression, and general mental health ailments. Microdosing has risen in popularity over the past 10 years, and Bud Lab is here to offer all your microdosing needs.
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The Therapeutic Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been scientifically proven to provide a medley of different benefits to users, ranging from treating depression and anxiety to even altering world views and helping one to understand themselves better. There are different ways to consume mushrooms however, and the latter effects generally come from taking “heroic doses” of zoomies (four to six grams), but the former can be felt while microdosing. If you’re looking for an alternative treatment to your OCD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, or similar ailment, microdosing mushrooms is a great option to consider. Shopping online with Bud Lab ensures that you’ll receive the best quality products for the best prices!
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How Much Is The Right Amount If I’m New To Microdosing?

If you’re looking to have a relaxed introduction to microdosing for therapeutic benefits, you will likely want to start small. We don’t blame you. Anything 100mg and under is a very small dose, and you’ll likely notice the world feels a little brighter and you can focus further. 100mg to 200mg is a comfortable dose that should make the effects very clear without being overbearing. You’ll feel lighter and happier, but not overwhelmed and paranoid. 300mg to 500mg is generally accepted to be for those who are used to mushrooms. This will leave you with noticeable effects that won’t debilitate you or prevent you from going about your day, but it will be very noticeable and you’ll likely not want to be doing anything too intensive.
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Buying Therapeutic Microdosing Mushrooms Online

Have you been researching the many benefits of microdosing and don’t know where to begin? Lucky you, because you’ve ended up in the right place. Buying microdosing capsules, tinctures, and drink mixes online at Bud Lab is as easy as it can be. Simply add your desired products to your cart, input your shipping information, and checkout! Follow the payment instructions, and you’ll receive your products in a few days. Bud Lab is your one stop shop for premium microdosing mushrooms in Canada. If you like what you’ve ordered, please let us know by either leaving a review on the product, or reviewing us on Trustpilot.
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2 reviews for Bud Lab Microdose Shroom Caps 100mg (3g per Bottle)
  • Fai Zed (verified owner)

    New to mushrooms. I bought this as an alternative to weed to keep my anxiety in check. So far it is very uplifting and makes me feel relaxed.

  • courtlangford87 (verified owner)

    Honestly not into feeling “buzzed” just wanted something to help with energy and focus and these work great. I take 1 capsule and feel amazing- like waking up from the best rest of your life.

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