Original Shake & Trim (A+)

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A Bud Lab original! We have saved all of the shake/trim from our operation and are offering it to you at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. Trimmed over fine mesh to collect, this product has never touched the ground. Packed with the high quality you’ve come to know and love this should be considered pre-ground bud. Each bag will vary and you may find some small nugs mixed in with your shake/trim. We take the time to pick out most of the stems (some may still remain) to give you a premium smoking product. These bags are made up of product from our entire operation and does NOT contain a single strain, but rather a mix of all our top quality product. This is why we consider it a hybrid grab bag. But keep in mind that the majority of our product is currently of Indica or Indica dominant Hybrid strains.

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41 reviews for Original Shake & Trim (A+)
  • demonweb (verified owner)

    Pros: Great price, $60 for an oz can’t be beat, even if it’s shake.
    Very fast shipping and great packaging, no chances of a smell or a busted bag or anything happening..

    Cons: Quality of the shake is not great.

    Have had little problems buying shake before as I use a vape, but with this selection, it just seems lacking. I can normally haul on my vape for almost a good 10ish mins through varying temps before exhausting the product, but with this shake I seem to get almost nothing out of it unless if I’m on max temp, and even then it lasts maybe a minute or two before I’m drawing nothing anymore. Basically have to use 5-6x the amount to get to the same place as one normal dose.

    If you’re a lightweight, or using it for something besides smoking or vaping, the price works, otherwise, I’d avoid to be honest, or just go for regular buds.

  • Ganjagoon78

    This bud is great for the price, not as good as other bud on the site so this is more of a quanitity over quality purchase for sure. Delivers the goods in the end though.

    I’ve picked up 2 of these bags over the last few weeks, one was this shake and trim and the other was discounted Blueberry (amazing). Great way to get some cheap but though that will get you through while saving up for the premium bud!

  • Adriel (verified owner)

    This is a good mixture of shake/trim + small buds. The small buds are nicely sized as well. This is perfect for smoking with potent concentrates or simply using this for edibles. The potency is definately there if you consider the whole plant material.

  • Ashah074 (verified owner)

    High quality shake+trim+small sized buds.

  • Mart (verified owner)

    Good bag of shake.Nice to smoke on joints.Density not like hard buds but still has a kick

  • OneIWilly (verified owner)

    Good bag of shake for the price, will definitely buy again

  • admtak (verified owner)

    Buy this and mix it with other strains.

    Google cannabis entourage effect, sometimes mixing strains is good and this is a source of many of them! Terpenes and flavonoids of all types, mix a little bit in your joint or vape and reap the benefits. In my Mighty this definitely produces a LOT of good vapor.

  • Gustàv Tsourdebras (verified owner)

    Excellent product ! I’m impressed buy its quality and the prompt service !

  • blackspigotmc (verified owner)

    Best bags of shake on the market. I found some decently sized quality nugs in there, I was very very impressed!

  • darthphish (verified owner)

    Great quality shake, great price. Had a lot of nugs in there. Made cannabutter and then brownies. They were da bomb. Will definitely purchase again.

  • olavesonchris (verified owner)

    Incredible just the price alone..!!!! thnx 🙂

  • tylerjames (verified owner)

    I just got my product in the mail now and it looks great. This may be shake and small buds but they also give you the hairs and crystals that fall with it as they collect it. It is a clean crisp bag filled with great shake. I have not smoked it yet but I can tell that for the price the quality is 5 stars+.

  • Bianck1 (verified owner)

    First time was worth it for the price. Second time was probably good for cooking but for sure not for smoking. I found better for cheaper.

  • ioycqdu (verified owner)

    Really great option to offer, made my move to Toronto hassle free, shipped quick, lots of crystal and hairs on the shake and the small buds in the bag smoked better than a lot of the dried out product I have tried while I’ve been living here. very happy with the order and would suggest to my friends.
    amazing price
    the smoke tastes nice
    hits great in the volcano vaporizer

  • Fred (verified owner)

    I did a 8g hash ball with 1 oZ. I had 8g of small bud and the rest was green a Orange hair. Very decent smoke. You go far with 60$ of this. Edible/vape/smoke

  • Matt (verified owner)

    Ordered 1oz of shake and trim smelled amazing few buds. Don’t expect a top line tasting product but expect something that will gives you a buzz. Thanks budlab.

  • Rick

    Amazing for the price alone, Not super high tier, But better than than quality / amount you’d get from the average seller by far for the same price.

    Ordered 2 bags, Both had a good bit of small popcorn nugs, easily 1/2 small nugs 1/2 shake, Very please, Not too harsh, Not very dry, Smells great.

    Nice for mixing with higher tier bud / vaping or just rolling a few Joints when Ive got company over, Would reccomend.

  • chris.taphorn (verified owner)

    Got this cause the pics looked decent and people said you could just straight smoke it…very true. Was pretty much all small buds with super crystaly shake. Thanks budlab!!

  • Aaden Elsheik

    Is no one going to mention that many sites have lbs of shake for 150-200?

  • Chris Taphorn (verified owner)

    Ordered another at the end of June. Another great score! $150-$200 per pound eh?…but do those sites have the same quality of shake?…lots of small buds, pistils and crystaly shake?
    Thanks BL!!

  • Dwayne

    How can I order by phone?????BY taking to somone

  • brookie cookie (verified owner)

    wow!! i chose this product to see if budlab was legitimate, and because it seems to be a great deal considering most dispensaries throw away/waste trim clippings, but the ones who don’t typically sell oz’s of shake for $150-200!!
    upon receiving the product less than 48hrs later, i was extremely happy with it!
    the bag is a great mixture of medium-small buds, and a ton of crystals, hairs, and shake.
    it weighed out perfectly and came in a resealable durable bag! which was concealed in an air tight smell proof bag, in a discreet package, was all together very discreet, fast, and great quality!
    will definitely be purchasing again if not just for the amazing smell/smoke/buzz from this product, but the sheer bang for your buck!
    love this option and hope it stays around for awhile

  • Ashah074 (verified owner)

    Very nice quality. I am hoping that Budlab can compensate for the price difference upon purchase of this product! Thank you Budlub team

  • L (verified owner)

    This used to be my go-to smoke, but the quality over the last 2 orders (6 oz total) has dropped drastically. It smells and smokes like livestock bedding, and is just about as psychoactive. The older stuff used to actually have visible trichomes, and the stuff they’ve been selling lately looks like it’s been mechanically milled or screened or something because there are no crystals to be seen. There’s also a lot more stems, and what I hope is vermiculite, aka little white chunks throughout the bags. I don’t like to accuse without proof, but it seems like they maybe want to have their cake and eat it too, meaning perhaps they harvest the trichomes then sell the plant matter. I’ve noticed that even the bag of “AAA” AK-47 I bought a while back was pretty crappy too. I hope this isn’t indicative of a new company direction.

    TL;DR: If this was a few months ago I’d agree with all the 5 star reviews, but I can’t justify spending the same amount of money on something that is maybe 10% as potent as it once was. I realize that you can’t expect too much when it’s advertised as “shake and trim”, but when the quality nosedives this hard I’d have to say it isn’t worth the price, especially when you have to smoke a joint the size of a hot dog to feel anything. Should also add I’ve been smoking shake and trim for years from other sources and have never seen anything this bad. Disappointing.

  • cakleutsch (verified owner)

    i’m on my 8th oz, the bags vary in quality but are always a stellar deal. you will find actual trim sometimes but the bags are 95-99% usable product. Maybe i’m just lucky, but this is my go to until stock runs out

  • Chris (verified owner)

    Wish I could upload pics…nice BOB (bottom of the bag) nugs, super crystaly…smoked with a guy at work….he looks at me and says, “fook, that’s good ish, mang!”.

    • Bud Lab

      Awesome!!! Thanks for the great review!

  • kassidyholt1010 (verified owner)

    There are a lot of small buds for a shake and trim bag, quality weed, good taste, good high, and doesnt make you burn out super fast.

  • Ashah074 (verified owner)

    Not happy with my Thanksgiving order. I have always purchased this product when I lass by BL
    Today my package is pure poop. Barely any small buds. Just a bunch of shake trim and stem.

  • camelchamel (verified owner)

    incredible amount of trichomes combined with popcorn nugs, I’m very please. Seems to be all of the same strain.

  • LAMA (verified owner)

    Very Good! For $60 how can you go wrong!?!? The shake in the bag is a very good smoke. I use a bong and it’s the perfect consistency for me. It’s like I got a ounce of preground weed. Not dry, not damp, just perfect. I would buy again and again. Such a good deal and as an avid user for over 10 years – this stuff is nice and strong. Won’t glue you to the couch, but gets you very high. Would recommend to anyone.

  • v.groves96 (verified owner)

    great product, very dry so tough to roll, but good for pipe

  • Nicholas.Boccalon (verified owner)

    Solid effects for the price, Really can’t go wrong

  • leneff (verified owner)

    très bon goût terreux comme je recherche??le buzz est au rdv pas cher pas cher. Ça fait déjà 3 bags que j’achète pis je compte en racheter certain??Ça vaut la peine ?

  • MoosemyGoose (verified owner)

    Great for making edibles

  • ippo (verified owner)

    Was looking for a market price trim & shake OZ. Fell here and had to try. Was surprised of the quality. Not something to knock the socks out of your feet but decent enough for me to triple my 2nd order after the first try. Wont comment on delivery as we all know that Post Office is slowly getting their groove back.

  • gdc8598 (verified owner)

    First couple bags I ordered were great. Lots of small bud. I ordered 3 bags on my last order and between the 3 bags I git approx 2 grams of super tiny buds about the size of unground pepper kernels, the rest was shake. A huge difference from my first order.
    I ordered 3 more bags this morning, and if it’s the same as the last 3 bags I won’t be ordering again

  • CheezyRich (verified owner)

    Worth the price if you buy 3 or more (comes out to 48$ per oz). Great way to share and be generous to your friends without breaking the bank. Even though it’s shake and trim, the quality is good. If you’re on the fence, it’s worth a try.

  • NickBoc (verified owner)

    For what it is, it’s great. Especially for the price. Saves y’a big time when you’re low and in a pinch but don’t wanna drop a ton of cash. Quality varies but never disappointed.

  • eurosoe (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong for the price. I don’t find it as potent as regular bud but I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve also tried it in my herb vape and it got me going. This deal helped me discover bud lab, I’m happy I did. There are some great deals on this page.

  • elanor.ryan.91

    Love this for making my own edibles.

  • krissybungay (verified owner)

    Started buying these bags to make cannabutter and oils with since it’s super convenient. Quickly realized that some bags have some decent sized little buds and even chunks of crystals! Decent enough to smoke and you don’t have to grind it all, bonus. Patiently waiting for the restock.

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