Twisted Extracts THC & CBD Jelly Bombs

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Twisted Extracts’ Jelly Bombs are the perfect treat to curb your sweet tooth. With a variety of different flavours, dosages, and sensations, you won’t be left disappointed. Jelly Bombs from Twisted Extracts can be easily divided into 8 pieces so you can choose your ideal dose.

Please Note: As with most food products, melting due to seasonal heat is very common with THC and CBD edibles. This does not impact product quality or potency. If your edibles have melted, store in a cool, dry place until they solidify, portion into the appropriate amount of pieces as stated on the packaging, and enjoy as usual. Melted edibles due to seasonal heat ARE NOT covered under warranty.

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Bud Lab Cookies and Kush in a Jar

Canadian Edibles – For a Balanced Diet

Marijuana has become one of Canada’s favourite award winning edible brand, supplying some of the most popular dispensaries throughout the country. We take great pride and care for each order ensuring beyond satisfaction. We fully support and understand the importance for patients to have access to edibles, as not everyone is able to smoke their medicine.

We fully decarboxylate our oil which is free of any solvents or chemicals. We also test each batch so you know exactly what you are ingesting. We have perfected our process to consistently make the safest pharmaceutical grade Marijuana THC and CBD Extract possible, while activating 98% of the available cannabinoids. Bud Lab is your number one mail order source for the lowest prices & highest quality cannabis infused products in Canada.

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Bud Lab Convenience

Gone are the days when "edibles" exclusively meant stale brownies wrapped in cellophane that you bought in the parking lot before a String Cheese Incident show. Bud Lab offers a wide variety of hand selected and designer cannabis products such as our THC infused candies, numerous strains of craft grown flowers, high potency extracts and our discreet vaporizer pens for the first-time user to the cannabis connoisseur. Choose to add Bud Lab cannabis products to your day or night and realize the benefits of our premium brand delivered discreetly to your door in a couple days.

Bud Lab discreetly ships by secure courier in completely odourless packaging. The shipping label does not advertise the business of origin or nature of contents.

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The Bud Lab Stance

We are active medical marijuana advocates and activists, who strongly believe in creating a zero-barrier process for patients to obtain their medicine. Our team has been in the medical marijuana space for years, whether it be cultivating, or patient care. We wholeheartedly believe and stand for patient’s rights to carry and use cannabis products for whatever ailment(s) they may have.

Bud Lab strongly believes in the medicinal benefits of Cannabis and understands the diverse needs from person to person for the best medical cannabis available. Our mission is to bring this treatment option to everyone by shipping the items you require via the mail so that you may conveniently place and quickly receive your order from the comfort of your own home.

Bud Lab Edible candies in different colours

Edibles that are Lab Tested

All Bud Lab edibles are potency lab tested to guarantee the dosage and all flowers (bud), oil concentrates, shatters, budders and tinctures offered are also Lab tested with a complete cannabinoid workup listed so you know exactly what you are consuming, thereby allowing for accurate dosing every time. We have CBD edibles and oil concentrates for those that cannot or should not consume THC.

Located in beautiful British Columbia. We provide our customers with a supply of safe, clean, quality cannabis infused products at a very low price. At Bud Lab, we believe that every Canadian who requires medical marijuana should have easy access to it. We make it easy for you to buy weed edibles online. Our marijuana service is of top-quality and will deliver for you, no matter where you live in Canada!

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6 reviews for Twisted Extracts THC & CBD Jelly Bombs
  • andrearkasinec

    Such a great product, works well for sleep. Shipping was extremely quick. Thanks Budlab!

  • Justyna

    I tried it and its amazing. You have to wait around 30 to 40 minutes to kick you. Love the taste and you feel calm, praceful and cheerful. Easy to divide for smaller portion. Highly recommend this

  • nickhazelwood12

    This product was super tasty and had a lovely feeling that came along with them. A little squishy in the bag but was a treat that wasn’t too strong and was exactly what I was looking for.

  • jasmine_parent

    Good taste, lasts for a long time !

  • Ry

    Worth the money, tasty and effective 🙂

  • Ellen Wilson (verified owner)

    A natural sleep product that works 👍

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