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Man With Glasses Using Interact E-Transfer

Note: Most Canadian banks have recently implemented additional security measures to fight fraud with e-Transfers due to increasing numbers of scams claiming to be from the CRA. As a result, we ask our customers to watch out for texts or emails from their banks after placing orders – you may receive prompts for a two-step or even three-step authorization. Please complete these prompts to finish placing your order.

Since we published the guide on how to send eTransfers for buying weed online back in January 2020, we’ve received a few questions regarding some of the details of sending E-Transfers, such as if customers can get creative with the passwords or what happens when a payment gets declined. We want to publish an update today on some of these questions and place further emphasis on what not to do when sending an e-Transfer

Your Password is Pre-Set and Emailed to You

To address the first question, please don’t expect us to know your cat’s name. All Interac e-Transfer passwords are pre-set with every order and emailed to you. Even if you don’t receive the email for whatever reason, the same password can also be found on the Order Complete page. Please use that password for the e-Transfer and nothing else. We can’t receive the payment if we don’t know the password!

Can I Put “Weed Man” as the Recipient Name?

No. Please do not include anything related to marijuana or our brand in either the recipient’s name or in the notes in the most sincere tone possible. If you do, you will receive a “Payment Declined” email and be permanently banned from shopping on Bud Lab if you repeatedly try to do so. It’s not that hard to send e-Transfers! If you need help coming up with names, this article could potentially be beneficial

What Happens After I Send Payment?

You will receive a confirmation email right away, saying your payment has been received in most cases. Once in a while, you may receive this email later, up to a 24-hour delay, so please be patient with the system. When the payment is confirmed, all there is left to do now is sit back and wait for your order to arrive!

Despite how simple we may make sending e-Transfers sound, don’t be afraid to contact us if you have questions about the process. We will be happy to assist you in placing your transfer should you require assistance.

What Banks Offer Interac e-Transfer in 2022?

According to William Keliehor, Chief Commercial Officer at Interac Corp, “Canadians rely on Interac e-Transfer over 2.5 million times a day on average to send and receive money.”

Nowadays, it is really easy to send an e-transfer from wherever you are. With just simple three clicks, you’ll be able to send money in seconds. 

We have picked out some of the most popular banks that offer Interac e-Transfer: 

  • Royal Bank of Canada 
  • CIBC 
  • TD Canada Trust 
  • Bank of Montreal 

Cannot find your bank? Don’t worry! You can see the full list here.

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