How To Roll The Perfect Joint

A joint is arguably the most iconic method of consuming cannabis and has been around for longer than we have been alive. Joints are an amazing way to experience a variety of flavour profiles among different strains, they’re discreet and can be enjoyed nearly anywhere. Even if you’re a cannabis enthusiast who isn’t the biggest fan of joints, carrying a bubbler or bong around can sometimes be too much of a hassle. Having the ability to toss some flower in a paper and roll it up to perfection is convenient, stealthy and a special skill.

The Required Essentials

There are many different methods on how to roll a joint, but every masterpiece requires the same basic tools and ingredients. To roll the best joint possible, you’ll need the following:

  1. Cannabis Strain of Your Choice (½ Gram – 1 Gram per joint)
  2. Weed Grinder
  3. Rolling Papers
  4. Crutch/Filter
  5. A pen or a similar utensil (Optional)

If you’re new to rolling, we recommend beginning with half of a gram of cannabis to get you comfortable. Once you get the general technique down, you can then start packing more skunky marijuana into some king-sized rolling papers. Believe us, your friends will be very impressed. Once you have all your required supplies laid out on a flat surface, you’re prepared to begin!

Soon you’ll be rolling these bad boys no problem!

Step 1: Grind Your Cannabis

Consistency in your dry marijuana is a key requirement to creating an unbeatable doobie. Fill your weed grinder up with some nugs (not too many) and proceed to grind it up until it is a nice texture of shake. Having a good quality cannabis grinder means no sticky fingers, no big mess and perfectly ground flower, though any quality grinder can get the job done. Even if you don’t own a grinder, there are many alternatives that can be resorted to such as a pair of scissors.

Step 2: Create And Insert The Filter/Crutch

If you don’t already have a pre-made filter or crutch fear not, any thick cardboard-like paper (business cards, bus pass, etc.) can be used and works just as well. Proceed to use a piece skinny enough to create a tight little tube and make sure it fits around your rolling paper. Once you have your crutch ready, lay it down on one end of the rolling paper. Although it’s technically not required to have a filter/crutch in your joint, having one promotes stability and prevents your fingers/lips potentially burning.

Be sure to roll the filter carefully, and start with small bends before rolling it fully.

Step 3: Fill Your Paper With Cannabis

Begin by making sure your crutch has about a quarter of it hanging off of the end of the paper. Ensure that the paper’s glue strip is facing you as well. After that, you can start loading up the joint with the cannabis you just ground. After adding the appropriate amount of weed, spread it evenly with your fingers or a pen if it’s at your disposal.

Step 4: Roll Up Your Masterpiece

Now is the fun part. Start by folding the paper from the unglued side while holding the joint by the crutch, assuring that the glue strip is still at the top.

With your other hand, pinch the paper together above the weed and gently start rolling, moving towards the center and then outwards. Let your thumbs do the work while your other fingers support the joint’s structure. Continue to roll evenly back and forth until the doobie holds its cylindrical shape on its own. Make sure it isn’t packed and compressed too tightly as it will be tough to hit and won’t light properly. Once the paper is tacked down on one end, you’ll be able to work your way down the rest of the seam by tucking the joint to the end.

Step 5: Seal The Deal

While using your thumbs, press the short end of the paper into the longer end of the paper. While you press it in with your thumbs, use your pointer finger to direct the shorter end of the paper under the long one at the same time. Keep rolling until you only have a little bit left, then finish by licking the paper. Lick at the start of the tip and move your way down to the filter.

Pack your weed and tuck it in by rolling your thumbs with the short end into the long end, like this.

Step 6: Complete And Enjoy!

You can now use a pen or a similar object to help pack down the bud and possibly add some more. If you don’t plan to spark up your new creation right away, twist and seal the tip of your joint with the little remaining room you should have. Otherwise, light it up and enjoy your hard work! The more you practice rolling, the easier it will get overtime.

Slapping a paper down on a table and rolling up joints has become an art in the marijuana community. Some cannabis enthusiasts have gone above and beyond with their craft, with creations such as a cross joint, an L shaped joint and even joints drenched in concentrates. Regardless of how you prefer your doobie created, having the ability to roll a perfect joint is a skill which should be harnessed by many marijuana lovers, both beginners and veterans. If you have any questions about the rolling process or anything else marijuana-related, feel free to contact our Customer Support Team.

Does That Seem Like Too Much Effort?

We get it, and so does the cannabis industry. If you’re looking for an easier option, take a look through our selection of Pre-Rolls, all of which contain precise measurements and tightly rolled cannabis for your smoking pleasure. Enjoy!


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