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Hybrid Pre-Rolls

Woman Lighting A Pre Roll

AAA Flower, Packed into Canada’s Premium Marijuana Pre-Rolls

Bud Lab pre-rolls are perfect for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a quick, clean, and simple smoke sesh. We work with the most reputable and respected harvesters across the nation to ensure that our joints come packed with the highest quality cannabis, sure to leave smokers of all sorts coming back for seconds! And with our quick and easy online ordering process, Bud Lab pre-rolls are sure to cure your cannabis cravings shortly after you make your purchase.
Holding A Joint In Farm

Your Classic Pre-Rolls, Reimagined

We know great weed and we know exactly how to cater to your every cannabis need. That’s why the Bud Lab Team has searched far and wide to ensure we carry nothing but the highest quality pre-rolled joints, sourced to help you take the edge off a stressful day. Our premium pre-rolls come packed with everything from AAA-rated kush to Canada’s rarest marijuana strains, ready to be smoked as soon as they arrive at your doorstep.
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