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Woman Smoking A Joint On 4/20

Out of the many holidays spread across the calendar, there’s no day that excites cannabis enthusiasts like every April 20th does. Despite the world still recovering from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, that shouldn’t restrict you from making the most out of 2021’s 4/20. The holiday thrives off of getting baked with friends, having new experiences and getting super baked, all while being socially responsible and distanced, of course. 

Whether you are already committed to 4/20 plans within your community, or plan to enjoy the day solo, we here at Bud Lab got you covered. Our team has hand-picked 5 special products that dip into every category of THC, none of which you would want to miss out on! If you are still unsure, fear not. We will dive into each of these products in detail to help give you your best option for this year’s 4/20. Each product offers a unique experience that can only be replicated by having more of itself. So without further ado, Bud Lab would like to introduce 5 products to spice up your 420 experience this year. 

Mom’s Kitchen: OG Brownies (3 Pack)

Mom’s Kitchen OG Brownies are very similar to the delicious brownies you’ve always loved, but with a bit of a kick! These specially formulated treats contain 75mg of THC and 25mg of CBD in each unit, making it a unique delicacy that brings an experience like no other. Mom’s Kitchen is a trustworthy Canadian brand that takes pride in their infused treats like no other. As these brownies come in a 3 pack, feel free to spread them out across the day of 4/20 as you may dive in to another one before you know it. 

Baroness Edibles – Comatose Quakers (250mg)

Although you can never go wrong with brownies, allow us to introduce you to another unique edible product. Baroness Edibles is currently one of the most popular edible manufactures in the country, creating amazing THC and CBD-infused treats. Their Comatose Quackers are a visually appealing yet delicious product, making them a favourite for April 20th. Each gummy contains 25mg of THC with each package containing 10 units, making it easy to dose for any intermediate consumer. 

Westcoast Cali – Skywalker OG (3.5g)

If you consider yourself a more traditional cannabis enthusiast, Westcoast Cali’s Skywalker OG is just right for you. This potent bud is known for its euphoric body effects and often casting uncontrollable giggles upon its users. This earthy delicacy can be enjoyed alone or with friends as every product comes in an 1/8th. Westcoast Cali products are known to be of the highest quality, so don’t be surprised if this potent bud glues you to a chair.

KEYY Card THC – Tangerine Dream (30mg)

The KEYY Card Tangerine Dream drink mixer is a fun product like no other. Each 10ml carton of liquid contains 30mg of THC, which will jolt through your body upon consuming it. This product is best enjoyed when mixing in a warm or cold beverage, perfect to have by your side on the day of 4/20. If you’re looking for a product that isn’t super high maintenance and will keep you chilled throughout the day, look no further than this premium drink mixer.

Straight Goods Disposable Vape Pen – Cantaloupe Haze (1g)

Lastly on our 4/20 list, we would like to introduce a product that is impossible to go wrong with. Straight Goods is a new and upcoming company which produces some of the best vape pens in the industry. Don’t take our word for it? The reviews speak for themselves! Their Cantaloupe Haze Disposable Vape Pen is an amazing product for any occasion, but a must-have for this year’s 4/20! Being a Sativa, expect to be energized and creative throughout your day of weed-related festivities. This pen is also disposable, meaning it’s a great option for one who just want something temporary and potentially move onto the next thing after depletion

In Conclusion

Now that you have read up about 5 ideal products for this upcoming April 20th, get ready to stock up while quantity lasts. Each item offers a different and unique experience that can enhance your 4/20 in positive ways. 4/20 is a day for connecting with new people and having exciting experiences, and whether you plan to go solo or link up with some friends, make sure to have these products ready. 

There’s no better time than 4/20 to spark up and enjoy the amazing effects of premium cannabis. The booming marijuana industry is constantly creating new and potent delicacies to enjoy, and we are here to display them for you. Bud Lab is proud to offer our beloved customers the best variety of premium cannabis products. From gummies, drink mixes, shake & trim bags and so much more, you can shop confidently with Bud Lab. We strive for unbeatable product quality, exceptional customer service and discreet yet speedy delivery. If you have any questions about Bud Lab, feel free to contact our Customer Support Team. We look forward to seeing you on 420 this year!

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