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Spring cleaning is different from your regular tidy up as it’s meant to be a time for dealing with chores you’ve been putting off such as purging unwanted items, dusting vents and cleaning carpets. This concept seems to be either loved or dreaded – even those who truly find comfort in cleanliness can still find it tough to muster the energy and motivation to dive into a major spring one. If you’re the type who couldn’t be less motivated to clean your house, let cannabis give you a hand and inspire you this year! In this article we will go over different strains that could be utilized to help during your cleaning, tips and tricks to make things easier, and how to give your smoking supplies a clean as well.


Weed Strains To Give You A Productivity Boost

It may surprise some to know that cannabis and cleaning can actually be an amazing match together, but a number of stoners know that there’s a strain for almost any occasion. For this specific task of spring cleaning, we recommended choosing a sativa or sativa dominant hybrid. This is because sativa is known as more of a daytime strain than it’s partner indica and (depending on the strain) can help motivate the user with a huge boost of energy. What you’re trying to avoid is that “in da couch” high that indica can give, as it won’t be helpful in trying to get through your chores. Below, we’ve listed out top picks for a daytime motivating strain that could assist in your spring cleaning.

  • Tropicanna Cookies – a hybrid, citrusy strain that has a lighter THC content which keeps you off the couch but gives a boost of energy that’ll take you the distance.
  • GG Bomb – a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a sweet, earthy flavour that leaves the user feeling uplifted with a focused and relaxed high.   
  • Pink Amnesia – this fruity, sativa dominant hybrid brings feelings of creativity, motivation and focus, making it a perfect daytime strain. 

For stronger strains and higher THC percentages, but with similar effects, check out our blog post going over Bud Lab’s top 5 strongest strains.


Tips And Tricks For Spring Cleaning

You may feel a tad overwhelmed or like you have a huge job ahead of you with spring cleaning, which is why there are tons of tips out there to help you feel efficient and organized. Our top suggestion is to create a list of all the places and things in your home that you’re wanting to clean, because sometimes when you’re in the thick of it something catches your eye that needs attention and therefore the previous activity gets forgotten about. Creating a list can really help you stay on track and make things feel more manageable. If you have any laundry to do on your cleaning day such as bed sheets etc, a time saving tip is to put a load in before you start cleaning and continue to do so throughout your deep clean – this way you’re making the most of your time and won’t have to dedicate another day to laundry. Tips like these can really minimize time spent on one task and maximize productivity, which makes a huge difference. 


Don’t Let Your Smoking Supplies Be Forgotten!

One portion of spring cleaning a stoner may enjoy is the cleaning of their smoking supplies. This is a great time to take advantage of your brain being focused on cleaning by putting time aside to organize and refresh your “special” supplies. If you typically enjoy smoking with a bong, you may know that you should be changing your water every sesh, and cleaning your piece as often as needed. A buildup of resin is gross to deal with – however, the more often you clean, the less resin build up you’ll have to deal with. This includes a deep clean of your glass piece once and awhile, not solely the downstem and bowl. We have 2 cleaning techniques that can work on any piece that we would love to share with you.

  • Salt and Rubbing Alcohol – this homemade bong cleaner recipe works like a charm, just pour 91 or 99% isopropyl alcohol into your piece with a decent amount of coarse salt (such as rock salt or epsom salts) and a little hot water. Cover the openings with a paper towel and shake it for a minimum of 5 minutes, then rinse!
  • Professional Bong Cleaner – if you want the best chance at getting your bong looking brand new again, we suggest investing in a professional cleaner. Many brands have come out with some that have a material similar to salt that helps eliminate resin – we still suggest adding a bit of hot water to your cleaner as it really helps to break things down especially when paired with a professional cleaner. 


Spring is the perfect time to implement new things in your life – the winter fog clears, birds sing on trees at all hours again, flowers push through the ground for the first real time in the year and we start to feel hope for warmer weather. These natural elements of the season all contribute to why we feel a strong sense of wanting to implement new things into our lives and do things like spring cleaning. We hope this list has given you a good place to start with or at the very least helped you find a new strain! If you’re looking for an online cannabis retailer with products you can trust and high quality bud ranging from AA to Quad, look no further than Bud Labs – our easily navigated site has high quality options to meet your every cannabis need.

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