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Benefits of CBD Oil

Also known as cannabidiol oil, CBD oil is a type of cannabinoid commonly found in marijuana plants. Although derived from marijuana plants, CBD does not create a “high” effect or any form of intoxication. Instead, CBD oil boasts a variety of potential healing effects.

Though yet to be scientifically proven, it has been widely reported for CBD to include the ability to relief anxiety, stress, pain, as well as being potential treatments for epilepsy and acne. Whether you are experiencing muscle soreness, chronic health deficits, or just need something to pick your overall mood back up, CBD oil can serve as the perfect solution to all those problems.

CBD Oil Block of a Jar of water

How to use CBD Oil

CBD oils can be consumed in a variety of ways. They can be mixed into topical creams or gels to be applied on the surface of skins or into food or beverages. They can also be taken orally with meals or applied externally. If there is a substance that interacts with your body in any way, chances are you can mix a few drops of CBD oil with it. Usually, spreading a few drops out throughout the day can keep you free from pain or other bodily conditions.

The most common way of consuming CBD oil is to mix it into a person's diet. Since most CBD are flavorless or come with pleasant tones, it is easy to spill a few drops into food or beverages to allow for easy intakes. From the daily morning cereal to the celebratory steakhouse dinner, CBD can be mixed in with any dining situation and can ensure you a day free of pain and bodily worries.

CBD Oil Block of a Tincture in Hand

How to Choose Your CBD

With so many options available online and the constant shortages in brick and mortar stores, it may be hard to decide which CBD products to buy. One of the most important deciding factors we suggest is to check whether the product is full-spectrum or not.

Full-spectrum CBD oils contain a balanced amount of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds found in marijuana plants. These compounds can greatly help in the absorption of therapeutic benefits of CBD and any additive elements in the CBD oil – a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

With that being said, rest assured that the full spectrum CBD oils you find on Bud Lab will not contain any THC unless specifically stated. This means that you will always be able to carry on your days as usual without the worry of sudden of head-highs or drowsiness.

CBD Oil Image Block of Young Adults Sitting Together

Why Buy CBD Oil From Bud Lab?

Bud Lab stocks only the highest quality and most reliable CBD oils and liquids, so you'll never have to worry about cheap, poorly made products. We work to filter out the lower end products and only bring the best to the forefront. We take CBD oils and every other product very seriously as each and every one of our staffs have made it our personal mission to make a positive change in the lives of not only our very own friends and family members, but also our beloved customers.

Every single batch of CBD oil Bud Lab receives from its suppliers is tested under the strictest quality control conditions before being put live onto the site. We believe in the quality of our products, and aim to deliver the best CBD oil available in Canada to our customers.

The Best CBD Oils In Canada

By shopping with us on Bud Lab, you are effectively browsing the entire selection of the most trusted CBD oil brands across Canada. From the East coast to the West, Bud has made it his mission to seek out all of the most highly rated CBD oil suppliers and to curate them all in one place; the result of his dedication is this very page.

Sourced from both brick and mortar stores and popular online brands, each and every bottle of CBD oil presented here has been tested for quality assurance based on Health Canada‘s standards and offers something unique to its users. At Bud Lab, we believe in the products we carry so you can enjoy them care-free.

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