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Hybrid Strains

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Hybrid strains bring the best of both sativa and indica into a single, perfectly bred, cannabis experience. Many people prefer hybrid strains for their ability to produce both head and body highs with lower potencies — but don’t be fooled! Many expertly bred hybrid strains at Bud Lab are even stronger than your typical strains! So get ready!

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The Modern Strain

Most cannabis strains available today are Hybrids. Bud Lab doesn’t stray far from that. We offer plenty of amazing hybrid strains. These hybrid strains of cannabis combine elements of both the indica and sativa species through the breeding process. Hybrids are popular as they maintain the most favourable aspects associated with each of the parents. Hybrids can be Sativa or Indica dominant – or right in the middle.

Hybrid strains are the best of both worlds for many patients. Hybrid strains are a cross of two or more strains of cannabis, allowing the patient to get the desired effects of both Indica and Sativa strains in one Hybrid strain. For example, let’s say a patient has arthritis pain but needs to medicate before work each day. A Hybrid strain would allow him to reap the benefits of Indica’s pain relief without becoming too drowsy.

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An Adaptable High

Hybrid strains are great for all-around use. You can use Hybrids to help with medical conditions in the morning, afternoon, or night depending on the plant’s genetics. Hybrids are largely available in the market because of yield size, effects, and wide-range of medical benefits. Breeders and growers love to make new strains, the majority being Hybrids.

Hybrid effects all depend on the genetics of the parent plants. The effects can begin with the head high of Sativa strains and gradually provide a body high of Indica strains. The THC count on this strain type can very high and are mostly grown indoors for best yield and potency results.

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The Difference in Dominance

Each Hybrid strain has different levels of THC and CBD, which produce a variety of effects on the brain. Since Hybrid weed combines some of the most favourable characteristics of both strains, it typically offers a balance between the Sativas and Indicas. However, depending on traits they inherit from each strain, there are differences among Hybrids as well.

Sativa-dominant Hybrids provide a relaxing feeling that allows patients to unwind both physically and mentally. They are known to have more of an uplifting effect on your brain and are therefore better suited for daytime use. Indica-dominant hybrids offer a more intense experience, making them ideal for pain relief and help falling asleep at night.

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Chronic Pain Relief

Balanced hybrids, meaning a true 50/50 combination of Indicas and Sativas, generally help with finding the most harmony between mind and body. Additionally, some hybrids are excellent for improving your mood, increasing your appetite, or stimulating creativity. One of the most common reasons people seek a Hybrid weed is to relieve chronic pain. Unlike opiates (prescription medications typically prescribed for pain management), medical marijuana is naturally derived, rather than chemically based, and free from many unpleasant side effects.

For many chronic pain sufferers, cannabinoids — particularly THC and CBD — can be an effective, natural pain management solution. CBD is not a psychoactive compound like THC, but it is an active ingredient that can help reduce pain and inflammation. When you buy weed online, make sure to see what type of strain it is.

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