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In case you are wondering, what is the most discreet, fast, and efficient way to consume cannabis in general, the correct answer would be vaping. One benefit of vaping marijuana, or CBD specifically, is that it gives you more control over temperature and gives you a more pronounced flavour than when you smoke it. 

There are amazing uses for CBD vape pens, from mental health to beauty. Now, how to vape CBD is something you will want to learn if you have decided to try the cannabinoid. By inhaling CBD, you’re giving it direct access to your bloodstream through your lungs. As a result, you can expect faster results as you don’t need to digest or metabolize it.

There are more than a million products in the market for CBD vape pens, and sometimes choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. You need to ensure that the vape is reliable and of excellent quality. See our guide on top brands when shopping for a CBD vape pen in Canada. Before jumping on how to use a vape pen for CBD, it is essential to know what a vape pen is in case you’re unfamiliar with this method of consumption. A CBD vape pen is a power source that heats a vape tank or cartridge to produce vapour. They’re rechargeable battery-powered devices that are pocket-sized and cylindrical – hence, the name “pen.”

Ways You Can Use a Vape Pen for Your CBD Needs

There are 2 popular methods of vaping CBD. One is using CBD oil cartridges, and the other is CBD vape juice. In case you don’t know what these vaping methods entail, especially if you are entirely new to the vaping world, don’t worry; we’re here to explain! At Bud Lab, we provide the most accurate information on how to consume cannabis in a safe and fun way.

What’s All the Hype Over CBD Oil Cartridges?

To start with, you must know that there is a big difference between CBD oil cartridges and CBD oil tinctures. The first one is suitable for vaping, while CBD oil tinctures are oil-based and are not suitable for inhalation. Pre-filled CBD cartridges are a convenient way to vape full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD distillate. All you have to do is remove the rubber seal and screw the cartridge onto your device. Then, if you have a disposable vape pen, open it up and start puffing away.

Here are 4 easy steps on how to vape CBD oil cartridges: 

  1. Connect the cartridge to your 510 battery. 
  2. If the device has a power button, click it to turn on the device 
  3. Press the button while inhaling; start with small puffs. Wait 5-10 minutes between puffs and observe how CBD affects you. 
  4. Always start slow, and work your way up to the optimal dose.

And How About CBD Vape Juice?

Inhaling CBD vape juice is similar to nicotine e-liquid in that you can use a standard e-liquid vape pen for CBD vape juice. Its extraction process entails diluting CBD oil with glycerol or vegetable glycerine. Some people use other liquids such as proline glycol or polyethylene glycol to dilute CBD oil. To enhance your vaping experience, always get the highest-quality CBD vape juices. 

Here are 3 easy steps on how to vape CBD vape juice: 

  1. Fill your cartridge or tank with CBD vape juice and attach it to your vape pen 
  2. Wait at least 5-10 minutes to allow the coil to absorb the e-liquid 
  3. Take a small puff and wait a few minutes to see its effects


Finding the Right CBD Vape Pen for You

Now that you know how to vape CBD with a vape pen, the question is, which vape pen should you buy? At Bud Lab, we have a wide variety of CBD vape pens you can choose from. When in doubt, you can always reach out to us, and our team will be more than happy to provide the information you need. 

To consider – Depending on the brand you purchase your vape pen and the vendor from, things such as a jammed pen can ruin all the fun for us. CBD vape pens are much more prevalent due to the cartridge’s construction. If you ever experience an issue with your CBD vape, here’s the ultimate CBD vape pen troubleshooting guide.  Vaping CBD properly is relatively easy. You just need to determine the right dose, get the right CBD vape pen, get a good vaporizer and enjoy a nice slow vaping. If you have any questions on which CBD vape pen you should start with, reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you!

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