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Similar to most flowers, the cannabis flower contains two organic compounds which are mainly responsible for the bud’s unique aroma: terpenes and terpenoids. Terpenes, produced by a diversity of plants, has a strong odor protecting them from herbivores by luring in predators and parasites of herbivores. Whereas terpenoid is an organic chemical derived from terpenes. These two smelly organic molecules influence the way we process cannabinoids. Additionally, they play a role in determining the flavor, smell, and effect of the cannabis strain.

Even though smoking cannabis is legal in Canada, the media and public perception remains negative and the no smoking policy is standard in most apartment buildings. Therefore reducing or eliminating the odor can mitigate alerting your surroundings of your private ritual.

Keep reading to find out four ways to remove the potent smell of weed.

Activated Charcoal Air Filters

Exchange your regular air filter for an activated charcoal air filter this will ensure to not only catch the dust lingering, but also purify the air of any smells. Due to the nature of activated charcoal, it contains millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms which attracts and absorb organic compounds, eliminating odors.

The Smoke Buddy

As a bud lover, there are many accessories available to accompany your ritual. The most notable personal compact air filter where you can exhale your smoke is the Smoke Buddy. With the activated carbon core and the Ceramic Bead technology, it allows you the freedom to smoke wherever without worrying about the smell.


A more discreet way to consume cannabis is by using a vaporizer as it remove the combustion. Many vape pen users have testified to the fact that vape pens don’t come with the same aroma than burning herb, which is related to the lack of combustion. The cannabis scent is purer, leading to the smell dissolving quickly.

Nag Champa

An incense commonly burnt in Indian-spiritual space, contains a mixture of ingredients that helps eliminate the smell of cannabis and the cannabis smoke. If you’d prefer a different incense smell, there is a variety of incense available on the market that covers the scent of cannabis.

There is an extensive list of products that can help mitigate the smell of weed, however, there is no guarantee of completely getting rid of the smell.

  • The Cannabis Killer candle not only burns for 90 hours, claiming that it will remove the smell altogether.
  • An essential oil diffuser, specifically lemon, tea tree and lavender oil contain properties to nullify odors.
  • Draft stopper under the door can help remove the likelihood of smoke sneaking under your door and over to your neighbors.
  • Harmonize the air by placing a jar filled with whole bean coffee on a side table.

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