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If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, you’ve probably participated in the flower vs. concentrate argument with other marijuana enthusiasts. There is no wrong method to consume clean cannabis, whether you like dabs to doobies or joints to vapes. Marijuana has been judged acceptable for use and legal in more than half of the country. With the end of prohibition, we can now freely discuss which is the better method to get high: concentrate or flower?

Concentrates vs. Flower

Hash has been a form of concentrate for a very long time, but current technology has raised the art of extraction to a whole new level. Some are still created with ice and water to create rosin, ice wax, or solventless products. Hash oil can be created utilizing hydrocarbons and specialized tools in a variety of surprising ways. The ultimate product can be a shatter, budder, live resin, wax, distillate, honeycomb, sap, sauce, or snap ‘n pull depending on the method and type of flower used.

Although the formats are distinctive, the ways in which they are consumed elevate the smoking experience. Concentrates can be dabbed, topped on bowls, dripped over or inside of joints, and used in personal vape pens. By using a rig, torch, and other dab instruments, concentrates are vaporized during dabbing. If you want to have more information, read this article on beginner’s guide to THC Concentrates. 

Marijuana flower on the other hand, is the most original and classic way to get high. People can light up a joint, spark a bowl or rip a bong filled with fantastic flower. Cannabis that has been properly dried and cured is a wonderful treat for the eyes, nose, and palate. Whether used alone or with companions, marijuana is a joyful and enjoyable experience in its natural state.

How Concentrates and Flower Work

Concentrates commonly referred to as “dabs,” are produced by removing the psychoactive components from the plant material. Then, these extracts are condensed into a substance that may be smoked or vaporized. Many people claim that the high from concentrates is stronger and more immediate than the high they get from smoking marijuana flower.

Because concentrates include larger concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of marijuana, the high from using them may be stronger. Concentrates can include THC levels that are substantially higher than marijuana flower because THC is the chemical that gives marijuana its euphoric effects. For instance, whereas concentrates might have THC levels as high as 80%, regular marijuana flower may only contain amounts of THC between 10 and 30%.


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Concentrates vs. Flower — THC Levels

When compared to the high from smoking typical marijuana flower, concentrates’ higher THC concentrations can produce a more potent, fast-acting high that is frequently regarded as being more euphoric and calming. While some users claim effects that can linger for several hours, the high from concentrates may also stay longer than the high from flower.

Concentrates may have higher concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD), terpenes, and other marijuana-active components in addition to THC. Cannabis’ non-psychoactive CBD molecule is thought to provide a variety of possible health advantages, including lowering inflammation and anxiety. Terpenes are plant-based substances that give different strains of marijuana their unique flavours and fragrances. Concentrates may have special effects and flavours since they include higher concentrations of CBD and terpenes.

What Else Do We Have to Say About Concentrates and Flower?

In conclusion, many people claim that the high from concentrates is stronger and more immediate than the high they get from smoking marijuana flower. This is partly because concentrates have larger concentrations of THC and other active components, as well as CBD and terpenes. Although marijuana’s effects can differ greatly from person to person, it is crucial to be informed of any risks and negative effects before taking these products. At Bud Lab, we provide with only but premium concentrate and marijuana flower in Canada. Browse our site now and delight yourself with our products from the yummiest weed gummies to CBD tinctures.

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