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It’s not uncommon when purchasing a large sum of cannabis to wonder how to store it so it lasts. Or maybe you’ve been just living life and open a drawer you haven’t looked in for a year to discover a bag of weed. Is it still good? Let’s get into it.

Factors That Contribute to Bud Degradation

The biggest problem with improper storage of marijuana is the development of mold and other organic matter. This happens the fastest in temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, though we recommend avoiding storage in temperatures above 20 degrees to be safe. If you store your bud in a hot environment, the terpenes and cannabinoids can dry out, leaving you with a very harsh smoking experience. Keeping your bud cold slows the process of decarboxylation, and also exposes it to less humidity.

Keeping humidity levels controlled is one of the biggest factors keeping mold away from your bud. Finding the right Relative Humidity (RH) range can be tough, but generally it’s recommended to keep bud between 59% and 63% RH in storage. This will best preserve its colour, flavour, smell, and quality. Keeping your RH below 65% will slow the process of molding, but if you go too low you may dry out the bud.

Light is, according to a 1970’s study, the biggest factor to consider when storing cannabis, as it will degrade it the most. This study states that cannabinoids will maintain stability for up to 2 years while stored properly, but can remain safe and potent for much longer as the essential oils break down much slower. Moral of the story is; store it in a dark place.

Oxygen is just as important in the growth of cannabis as it is in its destruction. Once the bud has matured, too much oxygen can speed up the degradation process, so it is recommended to store it with the help of a vacuum sealer or in glass canning jars.

Proper Storing Methods

Start by keeping your bud out of sunlight in a dry, cool place. Use a container with a neutral charge, glass jars are great for this. If you’re storing it for a longer period of time, vacuum seal your contain to limit the buds exposure to oxygen. If you have multiple strains, separate them into their own containers. This will precent them from losing their flavour profiles. Additionally, come companies such as Cannador sell specific cases to help consumers store their bud.

Improper Storing Methods

Contrary to popular belief, don’t store bud in the fridge or freezer. In the fridge, the varying humidity and temperature can increase mold buildup, and in the freezer the trichomes become brittle and break when handled. Avoid plastic bags and containers for long term storage as they attract the trichomes that make your bud potent. Don’t store your cannabis above appliances that give off heat, as that will also increase the chances of molding. Finally, avoid storing your smoking paraphernalia (pipes, grinders, etc) with your bud as the burnt weed will contaminate the container and the bud itself.

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