Delicious & Powerful Chocolates Crafted From The Finest Ingredients

Made with ingredients you can trust, we are proud to present one of the absolute most delicious ways to enjoy your cannabis. Bud Lab works with only the most professional and trustworthy manufacturers to ensure that our customers receive chocolate delicacies they won’t forget about. We regulate our ingredients and create our chocolates with the safest, cleanest and most trustworthy procedures and compounds, all while ensuring accurate dosing and THC/CBD measurements.

Shop All Variations Of Chocolate Edibles With Bud Lab

Bud Lab takes immense pride in offering our customers & friends with the best variety of products, and this is no different with our chocolates. Enjoy flavours such as milk chocolate, cookies & cream, salted caramel and much more! Best part is? Nearly all of our chocolate flavours come with both options of THC and CBD, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. With our discreet shipping process to go along, you’ll have a delicious chocolate delicacy delivered to your doorstep in no time.