CBD Edibles

Handcrafted CBD Edibles That Bring You Relief

Here at Bud Lab, we like to offer our customers a selection of both the newest and oldest types of CBD delicacies. Who doesn’t love some sweet childhood classics? When our edibles are being made, potency is evenly distributed among each individual treat, giving them a truly measured dosage that you can be confident in consuming. With options ranging from jelly bombs, chocolates and gummies, what are you waiting for now?

Professionally Extracted CBD Treats, Delivered To Your Doorstep

Good quality is the most important aspect that our team strives for in all our products, but CBD products most notably. It’s important that each treat is crafted to perfection so our beloved customers can feel confident throwing any CBD product in their cart. We regulate our ingredients and create our edible products with the safest, cleanest and most trustworthy procedures and compounds, all while ensuring accurate dosing and CBD measurements.