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Below are some of the essentials items to have at your next day trip to the beach, lake, park or wherever:

Blue Nukem

You can’t have a picnic without the perfect bud, and Blue Nukem is just that. This mostly sativa hybrid, produces an active mental high that is uplifting and may have you feeling like swimming or sunbathing. It’s the perfect chill-out strain for a day out. Light up a pipe and pass it along for buzzy energy that will last all day.


Tetra Bites, from Tetra Organics in Victoria BC, have naturally flavoured gummies that are perfect additions to any picnic lunch basket. Each delicious tasting gummy is made with the highest quality natural products. Plus, a couple of packs of 4 10mg gummies will be sure to elevate your day at the park or beach. These THC infused snacks are perfect because they have a delicious flavour and incredibly munchable design.

Rice and Marshmallow Treats

Snap, Krackle ‘n Pot Puffed rice treats are just like your childhood favourites, but we an extra kick to provide you with an elevated feeling that will last for hours. Be aware, these are perfect for a relaxing day, they may be as great if you have a lot of activities planned while you’re out. They produce an incredible body high, which can make any day a relaxing one. Just like with all edibles, it is strongly suggested that you should start small and allow for 60 to 90 mins for the edibles to take effect.

Hard Candies

If you’d rather stick to a treat that is more traditional and discreet, our Bud Lab Hard Candy 5-Pack is perfect! These delicious little candies pack an incredible flavour, as well as ton of THC. Created from THC Distillate, each candy contains 20 mg of THC. The perfect balance for that great buzz, all while being discreet if need be!

Bud Lab is one of Canada’s foremost online dispensaries. We’re developing into a go-to destination for marijuana enthusiasts, as well as beginners who are just learning about the benefits cannabis has. We offer incredible product and strain variety. To check out what we have in-store, simply visit us online at budlab.co! We look forward to hearing from you!

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