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Culture Vape Pens Discontinued

The End of Culture Vape Pens, Or Is It?

As of May 1st, 2021, Culture, one of Canada’s favourite disposable vape pen and cartridge brand, have hidden their website from the internet and discontinued their product line without telling anyone ?. What’s going on?


Worry not. The root of this disappearance isn’t built on top of any sort of controversy, unless you count the entire Canadian THC and CBD vape pen market as one. The reality is, Culture Vape Pens is quietly making their move towards establishing the brand in the legal market, and with this feat comes some necessary preparations. Temporarily withdrawing their brand from the web is one of them, as well as discontinuing their current line of products.

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What Does This Mean to Culture Fans?

Since Culture isn’t making any more of those vape pens we’ve all come to love (yes, including the most notable Culture CBD Isolate Vape Pen), some fans of the Culture brand are worried about the availability of these pens. Certain shoppers have begun stockpiling their favourite Culture strains and flavours, while others are busy exploring similar alternatives. As an enthusiast of Culture vape pens who wants to stay ahead of the game, what should you do?

Black Culture Pen Close Up
Green Culture Pen Close Up

Try Other Popular THC and CBD Vape Brands

While it’s not a bad idea of stockpiling on your favourite B.H.O pens, we see this as a band-aid solution that won’t work in the long term as supplies run dry and markups get higher. Our suggestion would be to discover other great Canadian vape brands and find a new favourite. Brands like Aira, Bob, Westcoast Smoke Co., and Diamond vape pens, are among some of the most popular ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My Culture vape pen is faulty. Am I out of luck?

Even though Culture has seemingly vanished from the market, we’re still here to offer the support you need! If your Culture vape pen has stopped working, or is faulty, our team is here to service you and get you on the right track. Also check out some common Culture vape pen troubleshooting exercises you can perform on your own.

When will Culture Vape Pens be back?

At the moment, there’s no telling when Culture vape pens will be back on the market. However, we know they are working on something even greater, ready to make a comeback perhaps later this year… ? Fingers crossed!

What are some good alternatives to Culture Vape Pens?

If you love the taste and ease of using a Culture vape pen, we have a few great alternatives for you. For CBD lovers, you’ll love the taste and simplicity of Diamond Blueberry CBD vape pens, especially since it’s also in a disposable form. THC smokers have a lot more options, with Aira and Westcoast Smoke Co pens serving as wonderful alternatives. Ultimately, we suggest trying out several brands before making your pick at an alternative. Browse our full selection here.

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