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The trend of smoke-free cannabis products is expected to continue with the introduction of cannabis-infused beverages later this year. Businesses and investors are betting big on infused drinks, and the expectation that there will be demand for them. THC-infused beverages are expected to appeal to the recreational market, meanwhile, CBD-infused beverages will be marketed to medicinal consumers. Canadians can expect to see marijuana-infused beverages on dispensary shelves by mid-October of 2019.

Marijuana businesses have been actively preparing to release cannabis-infused drinks in Canada and the US. Beverages are expected to be infused with THC, CBD, or a combination of both. Full-spectrum beverages are also expected to eventually become available. These drinks will contain multiple other cannabinoids than just THC and CBD. These options are expected to give consumers a fair amount of freedom of choice when it comes to enjoying infused beverages.

An Appealing Option

CBD and THC-infused drinks are expected to appeal to consumers for a number of reasons. Consuming cannabinoids within a beverage is expected to appeal to health-conscious cannabis consumers, especially those who would typically use edibles. Infused drinks are also expected to provide consumers with a convenient and portable way to consume cannabis. Moreover, recyclable bottles and packaging are expected to keep waste to a minimum. Experts believe that infused drinks will eventually make up a sizeable portion of cannabis sales in Canada.

Investors are betting that many Canadians will associate the experience of drinking cannabis to that of drinking alcohol, especially beer. Cannabis infused drinks are expected to be packaged in glass bottles and tall-boy sized cans. It is expected that the number of cannabinoids per serving will be fairly low, leading experts to believe that drinks will be sold in packs of 6 or more, similarly to beer. It remains to be seen if dispensaries will be the only outlets allowed to sell cannabis-infused beverages. Some analysts believe that liquor stores will eventually be able to carry and sell them as well.

Do-It-Yourself Alternatives

If you don’t want to wait for CBD-infused beverages to become legal, you can simply brew your own at home using CBD isolate. CBD is isolated through a process that removes all other plant materials and cannabinoids, leaving behind a fine white powder comprised of nothing but single-molecule CBD. CBD isolate can be infused into a beverage by simply being added and stirred. As long as it is effectively stirred, isolate can be consumed with both warm and cold liquids.

CBD oils can also be mixed into other beverages, and even some foods. After being swallowed, effects may take up to 30 minutes to be felt. The is the main disadvantage of swallowing oil instead of taking it sublingually. When placed under the tongue, CBD oil can begin to take effect in under a minute.

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